WWE NXT Results – 3/13/14 (Bo Dallas vs. Colin Cassady)

WWE NXT results 3/13/14

March 13, 2014
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley, Jason Albert
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then we go to the opening match.

NXT Women’s Champion “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige vs. “The Boss” Sasha Banks w/Charlotte & Summer Rae on a Stick

Sasha grabs Paige’s t-shirt as the bell sounds and throws it at her. Paige responds with a savate kick to the ribs and a hair-mare. Paige whips Sasha with her t-shirt. Another hair-mare, then Paige lets out her famous scream. Paige stomps away at Sasha in the corner, gains a nearfall. Sasha catches a boot and unloads with back clubs. Sasha with her own hair-mare, then stomps on Paige in the corner. Sasha gains a nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied. Crowd wills on Paige. Paige takes Sasha down to get free, but Sasha with a clothesline. Sasha chokes Paige in the ropes and taunts the crowd. Snapmare back into the Japanese Stranglehold. Charlotte taunts Paige from the outside. Paige backs Sasha into the corner and hits a series of elbows. Trifecta of short-arm clotheslines, followed by a dropkick.

Scorpion Crosslock applied, Sasha taps.

Winner: “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige by submission (Scorpion Crosslock)

Afterwards, Charlotte attacks Paige from behind. The assault continues until Natalya runs into make the save and clear the ring of the BFFs. Natalya helps Paige to her feet and raises her hand.

We see video from last week when Corey Graves challenged Sami Zayn, then after beating Yoshi Tatsu by count-out, Zayn accepted his challenge. The two wrestled in the main event, with Zayn getting the win.

We go to comments from Zayn after his match last week. Zayn says he had no issue with Graves, but he wanted to call him out and says I never won, well I just beat him. I consider this issue done, but if Graves has other issues with me, I’m not that hard to find.


We see video from NXT Arrival 2 weeks ago when Mojo Rawley defeated CJ Parker.

We go to comments from Mojo. Mojo says he is coming off the biggest night of my life. We are just getting started because I don’t just get hyped, I stay hyped!!!

NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. Cal Bishop & Travis Tyler

Viktor starts with a big flying shoulder tackle on Tyler. Konnor in, series of running shoulder tackles to Tyler. Viktor in, series of chops & uppercuts to Tyler in the corner. Tyler hot-shots Viktor’s arm across the apron, Bishop tagged in. Bishop works over Viktor’s arm in the corner, but Viktor comes back with a STO. Konnor & Tyler tag in, but Konnor brings in Tyler the hard way. Konnor stomps away, then hits an avalanche. Viktor in, heads up top and hits the Gulliotine on Tyler. Konnor in, Bishop dropkicked off the apron by Viktor.

Fall of Man by the Ascension for the win.

Winners: NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension by pinfall (The Fall of Man)

The Ascension stand tall afterwards.


Renee Young joins commentary for our next match.

“The Colossus of Cardiff” Mason Ryan vs. Wesley Blake

Mason backs Blake into the corner, breaks clean. Blake with a side headlock, but Ryan takes him down. Ryan goes shoulder-to-shoulder, but then Blake works over his arm. Ryan with a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Blake with a forearm, followed by a series of strikes in the corner. This upsets Ryan, who throws Blake into the corner and hits a series of strikes. Blake with a back elbow and an uppercut. Blake goes for a crossbody, but Ryan catches him with a powerslam. Headbutt, followed by a running shoulder in the corner. Blake avoids a charge as Ryan goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Blake goes shoulder-to-shoulder multiple times, Divorce Court for a 1 count. Blake continues to work over Ryan’s arm. Crowd wills on Ryan. Ryan gets out with an armdrag. 2 big right hands, followed by a hot-shot across the top rope. Ryan with a running big boot.

Cobra Clutch Slam for the win.

Winner: “The Colossus of Cardiff” Mason Ryan by pinfall (Cobra Clutch Slam)

Ryan celebrates his win afterward.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Bayley, who is watching the WWE Network on her tablet. Bayley says since she is friends with Natalya, she got to meet Bret Hart and is watching some of his matches right now. Sasha & Charlotte walk in and say that Bayley is a loser, just like that has-been, Bret Hart. Charlotte says that Bayley would like a man who looks homeless. Bayley grabs Summer Rae on a stick and mocks it. Sasha says we can settle this right now. Natalya walks in and says this is exactly where Summer’s head needs to be, on a stick. Charlotte says the only thing Natalya is famous for is drunk dialing her boss on a reality show. Natalya mentions Bret Hart telling the story of beating Charlotte’s dad for the WWE Title. Natalya & Charlotte have a staredown until the BFFs decide to leave.


Before the next match, Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring as Xavier Woods awaits his opponent, Alexander Rusev. Breeze says he knows he & Woods aren’t friends, but after what happened at NXT Arrival when Rusev put his hands on my gorgeous face, I’m asking for you to let me get my revenge and kindly leave. As Rusev comes out, Breeze nails Woods from behind and leaves.

Xavier Woods vs. “The Bulgrian Brute” Alexander Rusev w/Lana

Ref checks to see if Woods can continue. Woods nods that he can and the bell sounds. Rusev with a series of kicks to Woods in the corner. Big chest kick, followed by a series of elbows. Knee strikes, but Woods blocks the leg kicks. Woods with some kicks of his own, followed by some forearms. Woods sidesteps a backdrop attempt, but Rusev comes back with a flapjack. Rusev with a spinning slam.

Accolade applied, Woods taps.

Winner: “The Bulgrian Brute” Alexander Rusev by submission (The Accolade)

Rusev stands tall afterward.


Next week, WWE star Sheamus will appear.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews NXT Champion Adrian Neville about his title rematch with Bo Dallas in 2 weeks when Bo interrupts. Bo says that in 2 weeks, I get my rematch and this terrible nightmare can finally end. Thank goodness my “Bo-lievers” are there for me in this trying time. They have truly been the wind “Bo-neath” my wings. This has to end now. My “Bo-lievers” are sick of you, they are sick of your face, your ears, your flips. I am sick of you. You are out of your league. Neville slaps Bo and Bo walks off as its time for our main event.

Main Event: “Big Cass” Colin Cassady vs. Bo Dallas

Cass shoves down Bo and yells “SAWFT.” Bo with a side headlock, but Cass with a shoulder tackle, sending Bo to the apron. Cass has the crowd spell out “SAWFT” to chastize Bo. Bo with a gut kick and a right hand. Back elbow and a forearm. Bo slides under Cass’s legs, but Cass with a slam. 2 elbow drops, then a leaping elbow for a nearfall. Bo rolls out to the outside to re-group. Back in, Bo with a side headlock. Cass tries for an Irish whip, but Bo grabs the hair to keep control. Cass with another shoulder tackle sending Bo to the outside.


Back from commercial as Bo continues to stall on the outside. Cass grabs him, but Bo hot-shots Cass throat-first across the top rope. Bo takes down Cass and hits a series of kneedrops for a nearfall. Bo stomps away, then chokes Cass with his knee. Forearm and an elbow to the back of the head. Kick to the ribs, then Bo taunts the crowd. Back elbow for a nearfall. Cravate applied. Crowd wills on Cass. Cass fights out and hits a knee to the ribs. Bo then goes off Cass’s blind side and hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Bo with a kneedrop and right hands from the mount. Bo gains another nearfall. Bo with a series of short-arm back elbows, then again taunts the crowd. Short-arm clothesline for a nearfall. Bo is starting to get frustrated. Cass fights back, but Bo with another forearm. Bo then whipped hard into the corner, both men down. Cass with right hands and a high knee. Cass fires up, spells out “SAWFT”, big back club for a nearfall. Bo fights out of a slam attempt, but Cass with a big boot for a nearfall. Bo goes to the apron, then rakes Cass’s eyes as he tries to pull him back into the ring. Bo with a running boot.

Double-arm DDT for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas by pinfall (Double-arm DDT)

Bo celebrates his win as we go to credits.