WWE NXT results 5/22/14

May 22, 2014
Full Sail University
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Alex Riley, Renee Young
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see video on the “Win or Go Home” match between Bo Dallas vs. Big E, NXT Champion Adrian Neville in action and WWE Divas Champion Paige vs. Tamina Snuka that is scheduled for this week’s show.

We see the usual intro, then the music for Bo Dallas hits as he makes his way to the ring for the “Win or Go Home” match. Bo grabs a mic and says that he has always taught his “Bo-lievers” to never give up and to follow your dreams. Tonight, we get to do both of those together. NXT was built on “Bo-lieveing” and as the longest reigning NXT Champion in history, I humbly accept the title “Mr. NXT.” When I look into the audience, I don’t see fans, I see a family and I will never give up on you and I promise from the bottom of my heart, I will never leave you. Don’t stop Bo-lieveing!

Win or Go Home Match (Bo Dallas wins, he gets a NXT Title shot. Bo Dallas loses, he must leave NXT): Bo Dallas vs. Big E

“Five” chants for Big E before the bell. Bo with a side headlock, but Big E with a shoulder tackle that sends Bo to the outside. Back in, Big E with another shoulder tackle. Series of gut punches by Big E, followed by right hands in the corner, but Bo slips out to the outside. Big E goes out after him and sends Bo face-first off the apron multiple times. Bo gets back in the ring, but then rolls out from the other side of the ring. Big E goes back after him, but Bo with a front chopblock. Big E sent multiple times head-first off the steel steps by Bo. Back in, Bo gains a 1 count. Bo unloads with right hands from the mount and gains a nearfall. Cravate applied. Crowd wills on Big E. Big E tries to get to his feet, but Bo takes him back down.


Back from commercial as Big E with a running shoulder to Bo in the corner, but Bo charges right out with a crossbody for a nearfall. Series of short-arm back elbows by Bo, followed by a short-arm clothesline for a nearfall. Bo yells that he is not losing this match. Big E blocks an Irish whip and sends Bo hard into the corner. Big E fires up and hits 2 clotheslines. Bo misses a clothesline and Big E with a side belly-to-belly. Big E off the ropes and hits the E Train. Down comes the straps, but Bo slips out of the Big Ending and hits a Reverse DDT for a nearfall. Bo with a clothesline in the corner, then hits a series of clotheslines while still in the corner. Big E slips out of the Bo-Dog out of the corner and hits an overhead belly-to-belly for a nearfall. Big E off the ropes, but Bo gets the knees up off a big splash. Bo hits the Double Arm DDT, but Big E kicks out! Bo can’t believe it! Bo removes his wrist tape to distract the ref and removes the top turnbuckle pad from one of the corners. Big E then throws Bo back-first into the exposed turnbuckle.

Big Ending! 1-2-3!

Winner: Big E by pinfall (The Big Ending)

With Big E’s win, Bo Dallas must leave NXT. Crowd does the “na na na na, hey hey, goodbye” song to Bo afterwards as he yells out that he can’t leave NXT and is in near tears.


Back from commercial, we see that during the break, Bo Dallas continued to whine and yell that he can’t leave NXT. Bo finally gets to the top of the rampway and tells all of the crowd that he strongly dislikes every one of them. I don’t usually use language like this, but you people stink. You all should have just Bo-lieved! Bo then yells at the crowd to leave, but says he will be the bigger man and leave because he is a bigger and better man than all of you.

We see video from after last week’s NXT with Tyson Kidd. Kidd says becoming the #1 Contender to the NXT Title is the exact reason why he came back to NXT. This is the reason I lace up my boots and put on my tights. I’m now one step closer to the NXT Title and at NXT Takeover, I will obtain my destiny.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Sami Zayn. Zayn says what happened last week stinks, but the truth is, Kidd was opportunistic and I can’t take that away from him. I’m not gonna let this one loss stop me and my momentum in my tracks, I’m gonna keep going and not stop until I get the NXT Title. Tyler Breeze walks in and Zayn calls him out for interrupting. Breeze says that we get it, you lost and you come crying to Devin. Zayn says they were actually having a professional conversation until you barged in here and if anyone should be crying, it should be you because you got pinned in that match. Breeze says yeah, but not by you. Zayn says that was very mature. Tell you what, you wanna get pinned by me, we don’t need to wait, we can do it tonight. Breeze agrees, but not tonight, I’m busy. Zayn asks what makes Breeze so busy he can’t wrestle him tonight. Breeze says he needs to buy new phone cases, he has to go to a ball and a photo shoot. Breeze says he will see Zayn at NXT Takeover, I won’t be hard to miss, I’ll be the one standing over you with my arm raised looking gorgeous.

Tamina Snuka vs. WWE Divas Champion “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige

Crowd chants for Paige as the bell sounds. Tamina backs Paige into the corner and breaks clean. Paige with a series of right hands and a savate kick to the ribs. Paige with a headbutt, but it does not face Tamina. Paige is sent onto the apron, but hits a gut kick. Paige with a kneelift, but Tamina with a clothesline. Tamina with a trifecta of slams for a nearfall. Tamina has words with the ref. Tamina with a forearm to the back, then locks Paige in a bearhug. Paige fights out, but Tamina with another clothesline for a nearfall. More forearms to the back by Tamina. Torture Rack applied, but Paige fights out with elbows. Paige drives Tamina into the corner and hits a series of back elbows. Series of short-arm clotheslines, then Tamina avoids a third, but Paige with a running knee and another short-arm clothesline. Paige with another gut kick, but Tamina places her on the ropes and shoves her down to the outside. Tamina gets Paige back in, then heads up top. Tamina goes for the Superfly Splash, but Paige gets her boots up.

Inside cradle by Paige for the win.

Winner: WWE Divas Champion “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Paige celebrates her win afterward.


Camacho vs. Adam Rose

Rose goes after Camacho early, but Camacho with a series of right hands and back clubs in the corner. Rose with a back elbow, then keeps Camacho at bay in the ropes with the Rose Petal. Camacho runs into boots, then Rose takes him down and unloads with right hands. Right hands in the corner by Rose, but Camacho brings him out of the corner with a running Samoan Drop. Camacho stomps away at Rose in the corner. “Party Pooper” chants for Camacho. Rose fights back, but Camacho with a butterfly suplex and a leaping leg drop for a nearfall. Rose fights back with chop, but Camacho with a gut kick and a right hand. Rose sent multiple times off the turnbuckles, but it fires him up. Rose peppers Camacho with jabs and a right hand. Big chop and a spinebuster as Camacho’s shirt is ripped. Rose with a running back elbow and a savate kick in the corner. Rose with the “choo-choo” motion, then hits a Bronco Buster. Rose measures Camacho for the Party Foul, but Camacho shoves him off and goes to the outside.

Ref begins his 10 count and gets all the way to 10 as Camacho didn’t want to get back in.

Winner: Adam Rose by count-out

Rose celebrates his win afterward with his Rosebuds.


Before the next match, we see an inset promo from Charlotte, who says that she is torn about her BFF, her bestie, Sasha’s semi-final match against Natalya. On one hand, I really want you to beat the has-been, Natalya. On the other, I just don’t know if I have the heart to face you because that means I would have to expose your weaknesses to the world, I just can’t do it. So, good luck.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: “The Boss” Sasha Banks w/Charlotte vs. “The Queen of Harts” Natalya

Sasha pie-faces Natalya early, then runs to the ropes to avoid her. Natalya catches a kick, roll-up for a nearfall. Side headlock takeover by Natalya. Sasha fights out, but Natalya with a shoulder tackle. Sasha tries for a wheelbarrow into a victory roll, but Natalya sits down on it for a nearfall. Natalya with a knee to the ribs, followed by a snapmare, the run up the back and a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Sasha catches a kick in the corner and unloads with clubs in the corner, then drops double knees while Natalya was draped across the middle turnbuckle. Sasha gains a nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied. Crowd wills on Natalya. Natalya tries to get to her feet, but Sasha with a knee to the back and re-applies the hold. Natalya drives Sasha into the corner to get free, then hits a butterfly suplex. Sasha sends Natalya into the turnbuckles, then hits a running bulldog, but Sasha falls out to the outside and clutches the back of her leg. Charlotte yells at Sasha to get into the ring, then throws her back in herself. Sasha & Charlotte argue, allowing Natalya to take down Sasha.

Sharpshooter applied, Sasha taps.

Winner and advancing to the Finals: “The Queen of Harts” Natalya by submission (Sharpshooter)

Charlotte & Natalya stare each other down afterwards as they will face off at NXT Takeover to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion.


We see video running down the card for NXT Takeover next week.

Main Event: Curt Hawkins vs. NXT Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville

Hawkins with a side headlock takeover, Neville gets out with a headscissors. Hawkins gets out with a kip-up, but Neville with a kip-up of his own and a gut kick. Neville with a side headlock takeover. Hawkins feigns whipping Neville off the ropes, but instead hits a Northern Lariat. Series of gut punches, followed by a suplex for a 1 count. Chinlock applied. Crowd wills on Neville. Neville fights out, then Hawkins misses a right hand and Neville with a series of forearms. Hawkins runs into a boot, then Neville with 2 flying forearms, a spinning back kick and a running dropkick. Neville goes to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick. Neville with a running uppercut in the corner.

Neville heads up top, Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: NXT Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville by pinfall (Red Arrow)

Neville celebrates his win afterward, but then the music of Tyson Kidd hits and he makes his way to the ring. Kidd has a mic and congrats Neville on his win. I’m not here to cause any trouble, I’m out here to let you know from my own mouth that on May 29th at NXT Takeover, this title is mine. You have faced some incredible competition here at NXT, but let me hit you with some facts. I have been on RAW, FACT! I have been on Smackdown, FACT! I’m a former WWE Tag Team Champion, FACT! And I am one of the few people breathing that has had a Wrestlemania moment in front of 75,000 people, FACT! I want that feeling back and NXT and that title are my launching pad to getting it! Neville says that he has been watching Kidd for a long time and I respect you, however, if you think you are gonna use NXT as a springboard for your career at my expense, well, you got another thing coming. You see, NXT, we are the future, which means I am the future and this is my ring! So at NXT Takeover on May 29th, I think the only member of your family taking home the gold, as per the usual, will be your wife! Kidd & Neville go nose-to-nose, then Kidd leaves and the two stare each other down as the show closes.