The following was taped on Tuesday from Columbus.

Thanks to Kavan Hashemian for sending these spoilers in.

* Dark Match: Goldust & Stardust def. Curtis Axel & Ryback when Stardust pinned Ryback at 7:13

WWE Smackdown taping results for June 20, 2014:

1. Seth Rollins pinned Kofi Kingston at 2:56

2. Dolph Ziggler pinned WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett at 6:41

3. Adam Rose pinned Titus O’Neil at 0:51

4. Adam Rose pinned Titus O’Neil at 0:09

5. Kane pinned Dean Ambrose at 3:55

6. Big E pinned Jack Swagger w/Zeb Coulter at 0:47

7. Bo Dallas pinned Fandango at 1:18

8. John Cena, Roman Reigns & WWE United States Champion Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro w/Paul Heyman & Randy Orton when Reigns pinned Del Rio at 18:33