WWE survey on possible “theme weeks” for WWE Network

WWE issued the following fan survey to members of their mailing list about potential “theme weeks” for the WWE Network. The survey had the following options:

* Divas Week
* Screwjob Week
* Worst of WWE Week
* ECW Week
* Randy Savage Week
* CM Punk Week (looking at his meteoric rise and near instantaneous disappearance from WWE)
* Summerslam Week
* Old School Week
* Best of the Slammy Awards
* Sting Week (featuring new interviews that will unveil the mystery behind the often made-up man)
* The Real McMahon: The Definitive Interview
* Stone Cold Week: The Definitive Interview
* Steve Austin Week (Austin hosts a week of programming)
* The Kliq Week (featuring a reunion panel with all 5 members)
* Monday Night War Week
* Stone Cold Week: The Austin Podcast (featuring a televised recording of the Steve Austin Show podcast)

Source: Prowrestling.net