WWE issued the following fan survey to members of their mailing list about potential “theme weeks” for the WWE Network. The survey had the following options:

* Divas Week
* Screwjob Week
* Worst of WWE Week
* ECW Week
* Randy Savage Week
* CM Punk Week (looking at his meteoric rise and near instantaneous disappearance from WWE)
* Summerslam Week
* Old School Week
* Best of the Slammy Awards
* Sting Week (featuring new interviews that will unveil the mystery behind the often made-up man)
* The Real McMahon: The Definitive Interview
* Stone Cold Week: The Definitive Interview
* Steve Austin Week (Austin hosts a week of programming)
* The Kliq Week (featuring a reunion panel with all 5 members)
* Monday Night War Week
* Stone Cold Week: The Austin Podcast (featuring a televised recording of the Steve Austin Show podcast)

Source: Prowrestling.net