RVAMag.com is featuring an interview with WWE star Dean Ambrose who talks in detail about why the current WWE locker room is doing well right now in 2014.

“We’ve just got a really good crew in the locker room. There are tons of guys I travel with or hang out with, but the whole locker room right now is just great. There’s not that division of top guys and bottom guys now that there used to be or has been in the past. I think The Shield helped that because we’re young guys who came in and said we’re going to take over this company by working hard and busting our ass. There’s been a lot of other people who came in after us and kind of took that similar mindset or copied it and it really helped things I think. It’s just a really good locker room now and one of the best I’ve ever been in. Lot of young hungry guys that all like hanging out with each other and love the business and want to see each other do well. I think it means great things are on the way for the company, for all of us, and for all of the fans.”

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