6/28 WWE Results: Portland, Maine (Kane vs. Roman Reigns)

6/28 WWE Results: Portland, Maine

Mike T. sent this live report in.

The house show live in portland started with a great crowd primer with The Miz taking on Kofi Kingston. The match over all was a decent and fun match for a curtain jerker. Plenty of well placed spots and some great work by both performers. Kofi went over after a ref distraction and a kick to the back of the head for the win.

A Seth Rollins video promo played hyping his match with Dean Ambrose later in the night.

Second match was equally fun showcasing Bo Dallas and Zack Ryder. Typical Bolive promos before and after match with Ryder putting Bo over like crazy. A great match to keep the kids happy with fun spots and Zack doing all his gimmicky stuff.

Dean Ambrose had his video promo played hyping the match.

Third on line for the nights card was The Ascension from NXT taking on Sin Cara v 2.0 and Dolph Ziggler. Great work and storytelling by both pairings. Dolph getting the hot tag was a bigger pop than the entrance. Dolph and Sin Cara went over but look out for the Ascension to be big time players in the big show soon.

Next up on the card we had a Twitter vote for match type. Jack Swagger took on Adam Rose with the house choosing to have a match rather than a dance contest. Before the match, Dutch gave a great heel promo shitting on the state and Adam Rose. Not a memorable match. Some fun comedy bit in the match with Adam going over Swagger for the night. Fun to see the live crowd get into the Adam Rose gimmick like they did with Fandango back when he came in to the main roster.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were the next match of the night. Seeing Rollins in normal ring gear was cool. Dean came out looking like white trash wearing jeans and a white wife beater. Pretty solid match with plenty of crowd reaction for both combatants. Pretty wild spots sold like a champ by both men to tell a great story for the people in attendance this evening. Also a great match to keep the house hot going into the intermission.

Our lead in for the second half of the night was Fandango and Layla squaring off against the team of Santino and Emma in an inter gender tag match. Being that Fandango was the home town boy I thought they were going to go over but not close. A real fun match with the normal Santino and Emma spots. After the match Fandango and Layla did the lip lock in the ring for a decent pop before Summer Rae did her run in and lip lock spot to end the segment.

Another tag match followed featuring Rybaxel and The Rhodes Brothers. Cody worked his new Stardust gimmick very well. Lots of high spots just when they were needed. Rybaxel was impressive in the match but Cody and Goldie went over to bring us just that much closer to the main event.

The ring announcer then reminded us that it was time for the highlight of the night. Kane took on Roman Reigns in a last man standing match. This was a slobber-knockers of the best kind. Both men used tables chairs and the ring steps to work the match of the night. With run ins from both of reigns former team mates to beat down either man and then each other, Roman Reigns went over with a spear through a table for the standing 10 count to send the fans home happy.

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