The following was taped on Tuesday in Newark, New Jersey.  Wrestleview’s own Mike Tedesco was in attendance.

* Dark Match: Stardust and Goldust def. The Ascension

* Daniel Bryan came out to the ring in his ring gear.  Bryan talked about how great it was to be in Newark and that it was important for him to go there since New Jersey has a big fanbase for him. Bryan played with the crowd and mentioned that his biggest fan Dave was there. Wrestleview’s own Dave Stephens rolled with that as Bryan pointed to his section.  Bryan got Dave to take his shirt off and the arena, including Bryan, booed.  Bryan said he didn’t know when he would be back, but he would return to Newark as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE Smackdown taping for July 4, 2014:

* Seth Rollins came out to talk about how John Cena got lucky on Monday Night RAW.  Dean Ambrose ame out to interrupt, and he said that he would continue to ruin Rollins’ cash in attempts.  Ambrose came to the ring and brawled with Rollins until Randy Orton ran down.  Orton and Rollins double-teamed Ambrose until Roman Reigns ran down for the save.  Orton and Rollins escaped.  Triple H then came out and booked Ambrose in a match against Orton for later in the evening.  If Reigns interfered in the match, he would be removed from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Battleground.

* Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio to retain the WWE United States Championship.

* Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns backstage.  Reigns said he wouldn’t jeopardize his spot in the fatal four way and he’s confident Ambrose can handle himself.

* Bo Dallas def. Diego.  Before the match, Dallas talked about how he was going to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Battleground and that his win would be dedicated to “Little Daniel” (Daniel Bryan).  After the match, Dallas called El Torito a “bo-vine” before saying he can be taller if he just bolieves.  El Torito gored him, and Dallas gave him a body slam.

* Chris Jericho came out to a great reaction.  Jericho talked about how it felt good to come back on Monday.  He then thanked the Wyatt’s for reminding him that WWE isn’t about pyro, music, and surprise entrances – it’s about survival.  Bray Wyatt cut a promo on the titantron about how Jericho goes by many names, but he is the destroyer.  Jericho talked about how he can get a little crazy when he needs to.  The Miz then interrupted him and said Jericho was lucky that he didn’t hurt his “moneymaker.”  Jericho then laid him out with a Codebreaker as he got in the ring.

* Big E vs. Cesaro never got started.  Cesaro attacked Big E before the bell rang, and they brawled around ringside until the referees broke it up.

* AJ Lee def. Eva Marie via Submission with the Black Widow.  Paige was on commentary for the match.  She applauded AJ after the match.

* Damien Sandow came out dressed as Bruce Springsteen.  Sandow said used a few quotes from Springsteen songs in his promo before saying people in New Jersey weren’t “born to run” because they were “born in the USA.”  Rusev and Lana came out, and Rusev knocked him out of the ring.  Lana talked about how the birth of the USA was an accident.  The only thing Americans show is how bigger they got from the year before.  Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out to a tremendous reaction.  Colter ran off a few big American accomplishments before saying the only thing Russia got right was vodka.  Rusev and Lana backed down after Swagger and Colter got into the ring.

* Dean Ambrose def. Randy Orton via disqualification when Seth Rollins hit Ambrose in the head with the briefcase during a suicide dive attempt.  Ambrose had attacked Rollins on commentary during the match.  Orton gave Ambrose an RKO.  Reigns then ran down to make the save.  Reigns hit Orton with a Superman Punch, but Rollins pulled Orton out of the ring before he took a spear.

* After the show, Orton and Rollins attacked Ambrose and Reigns.  Reigns then made the comeback by spearing Orton.  Ambrose hit Rollins with Dirty Deeds, and Reigns speared Rollins for good measure to send the fans home happy.  Reigns and Ambrose put their fists together at the top of the ramp.