Rick Titan on following Scott Hall in WWE as Razor Ramon

Author Kevin Sullivan is featuring comments with Rick Titan (aka the “Fake” Razor Ramon) that didn’t make the cut of his new “WWE 50” book release. Titan talks about following Scott Hall as the Razor Ramon character in WWE.

“I got the tryout from Bret Hart as Rick Titan. I wrestled Frank Stalletto. I was stiff with him because I wanted to make an impression on the office. I had a match with Tracy Smothers planned, and thought it would be a really good match. But Vader went too long and the second match never happened. Two weeks later, I was sitting around Calgary thinking nothing would happen. Then Vince called me and left me a message on the answering machine. I was pretty excited. He said, “I want you to be the new Razor Ramon. People want Razor Ramon back and I own the trademark, the copyright,” and so on. I figured it was either going to bury my career or really enhance it. So, I agreed, mostly because I wanted my chance to get into the WWF.”

Sullivan Books: ‘Fake’ Razor Ramon on following in Scott Hall’s footsteps

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