Japanese wrestling star KENTA took part in a public press event in Roppongi, Japan this past weekend after his in-ring contract signing with the WWE at their live event in Osaka. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On the public contract signing, KENTA says he was nervous being in there with Hulk Hogan and was trying to keep his composure. It was a great honor to stand in the ring with Hogan and was a very special moment for himself. 

On starting from the bottom at the WWE Performance Center, KENTA says he is getting his residence set up in Orlando, Florida and he does not mind starting from the bottom. He knows he is inexperienced with the English language and that is his biggest work in process currently.

On if his name will be changed, KENTA says it is a possiblity, but any number of names would work out fine for him. He knows he would have to change his in-ring style and he does not know what to expect when he gets started at the Performance Center, but he will do his best. 

Source: Puroresu Spirit