WWE NXT results 7/10/14

July 10, 2014
Full Sail University
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Renee Young, Jason Albert
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

NXT Women’s Title #1 Contenders Match: “Its” Bayley vs. Summer Rae

Bayley avoids a charge and sends Summer multiple times off the turnbuckles. Bayley gains a 1 count. Summer runs into a back elbow, then Bayley with a lucha-style arm drag. Drop toe hold, then Bayley rides over Summer’s back. Bayley does it again, then hits a slam. Summer rolls out to the outside and plays cat & mouse with Bayley, catching her with a kick for a nearfall. Summer pulls at Bayley’s arms with her feet against the shoulders of Bayley. Bayley counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. We see Charlotte watching the match from backstage. Summer removes Bayley’s headband and sends him into the turnbuckles. Summer pulls at Bayley’s hair in the ropes and gains a nearfall. Summer with a Scissor Stomp for a nearfall. Summer takes Bayley down, but Bayley catches a spin kick and drives Summer down to the mat. “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chants by the crowd. Bayley with a series of shoulders to the ribs of Summer in the corner. 2 back elbows, followed by a clothesline. Running shoulder in the corner, followed by a running back elbow. Exploder by Bayley for a nearfall. Summer catches Bayley with a spin kick to the ribs for a nearfall. Summer runs into a boot, then Bayley with a flying back elbow off the middle rope.

Summer slips out of the Belly to Bayley, hits the Summer Crush for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Title: Summer Rae by pinfall (Summer Crush)

Summer celebrates her win afterwards as Charlotte looks on from backstage.

We see video from last week when Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel attacked Sami Zayn after Zayn’s match with Gabriel with Adrian Neville making the save.

Backstage from after last week’s show, we see video of Neville & Zayn. Neville asks if Zayn is OK, then says it was real cheap what Kidd & Gabriel did. You guys think you are real clever, all you are is shameful. Zayn says with the way Kidd has been acting lately, I could say I was surprised, but its my fault, I should have seen that coming because the world is starting to see what kind of person he is. I’m just surprised Gabriel was so easy to brainwash, especially after going toe-to-toe with him for 20 minutes. But its OK, maybe I need to count on Adrian Neville, my friend, this isn’t the last they have heard of either of us.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Kidd & Gabriel. Gabriel says he made a choice last week not to be a loser anymore. I started in NXT and 4 years later, I find myself back here. That’s not a slag on NXT because the talent here is phenomenal. Take Neville & Zayn for instance, two fantastic talents, but they aren’t on my level. They don’t have the skill, the experience and definitely not the looks that I have. Kidd was right all along and it took one more lesson for me to realize that. Sometimes to get ahead in life, you have to break some rules. Devin goes to speak with Kidd, but Kidd & Gabriel walk off.


Brandi Rhodes announces that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Sin Cara vs. Wesley Blake

Cara with an armdrag early. Roll-up by Cara for a 1 count. Lucha-style roll-up by Cara for a nearfall. Blake with a gut kick and a back club for a 1 count. Uppercut, but Cara sends Blake to the outside, then wipes him out with a tope suicida! Back in, Cara with right hands in the corner, but Blake with a big right hand. Divorce Court by Blake for a 1 count. Blake stomps away and hits a series of kneedrops to the arm for a nearfall. Keylock applied, crowd wills on Cara. Cara gets out with an arm drag, then hits a drop toe hold. Cara blocks a right hand and hits a leg kick. Springboard headbutt, followed by a clothesline. Springboard crossbody, followed by a handspring elbow for a nearfall. Cara avoids Blake and hits an enziguri from the apron.

Cara heads up top, senton bomb for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara by pinfall (Senton Bomb)

Cara celebrates his win afterward.

Backstage, Natalya walks up to Kidd and mentions that the interview he did last week was weird. Kidd says it wasn’t an interview, it was an ambush. Renee was trying to be cute by throwing out some funny questions. Natalya says it sounded like he was blaming her for losing to Neville. Kidd says he was simply stating facts, but he is sorry she felt that way. Natalya says she will support Kidd no matter what, but his attitude lately has been awful and I don’t wanna be a part of that. Kidd says it sounds like she doesn’t want to come to the ring with him tonight. He will go out to the ring tonight and if she doesn’t want to come out to the ring with him and hang out backstage, he’s cool with it, the choice is yours, make a good one.


Backstage, Summer & Sasha Banks are looking at themselves in the mirror. Summer says who would have thought she would be the #1 Contender. Sasha asks if Summer thinks she really deserved that. Summer says she did think about that and just because the BFFs are over, doesn’t mean you & I can’t hang out again. Sasha says that Charlotte said the same thing when she said the BFFs were over with. Summer tells Sasha to forget about Charlotte. Once I win the title, everyone will forget about her, too. Then when I win the title, you are gonna want to be best friends with me again, so I suggest you get used to the “Summer of Summer.”

CJ Parker makes his way to the ring. Parker has a mic and says he said some things last week that he is not very fond of. Xavier Woods, if you could please come out here. Xavier Woods’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Parker says he doesn’t want things to get out of hand between us. I had been gone for a while and last week was my return and I was a bit overzealous. I was a little overconfident, I had adrenaline pumping through my veins and I said some things that I shouldn’t have said and I’m sorry, I truly am. Woods says he wants to recap for everyone. You got too excited after your match last week and you decided to pop off like a 12-year old after your match, with me as the subject. You said it last week that I’m about to get my PHD, which means that I’m not an idiot. It also means that I use logic, which is lucky for you because logic is the only thing that is keeping me from ripping that rainbow-colored, birds nest off the back of your head. Parker says he told Woods that things don’t have to go down like this, I came out here to say sorry, to extend an olive branch, bury the hatchet. I wanna offer peace and I suggest that you accept it. Parker extends his hand and throws up the peace sign. Woods makes a fist and mocks Parker’s peace sign. Woods turns to leave, but Parker nails him with the side kick to the back of the head. Parker says it didn’t have to be like this and leaves a fallen Woods in the ring. Referees check on Woods as Parker leaves.


We see video of the Vaudevillains, with their silent movie-esque cinematography, who say that one day they will be the NXT Tag Team Champions and the greatest team in all the land.

We see video highlighting the NXT Tag Team Champions, the Ascension.

“The Last of a Dying Breed” Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins

Bull with a side headlock. Dawkins reverses out, but Bull takes Dawkins down. Dawkins with a forearm, then goes for an arm drag, but Bull counters it into a chinlock. Dawkins fights back, but Bull with a back club. Bull blocks a Sunset flip and hits a butt drop. Series of elbows by Bull, followed by a crossface shot. Big headbutt, followed by a series of elbow drops. Bull rakes his forearm against the face of Dawkins. Dawkins sent off the turnbuckles. Bull with a series of gut shots, but Dawkins fights back. Dawkins with a series of left hands, followed by a dropkick. Dawkins off the ropes, but he runs into a back elbow. Avalanche by Bull in the corner.

Bulldozer by Bull for the win.

Winner: “The Last of a Dying Breed” Bull Dempsey by pinfall (Bulldozer)

Afterwards, Bull has the mic and says he is the wrecking ball and he won’t stop until he is NXT Champion.

Backstage, Sami Zayn plays interviewer and interviews Adrian Neville. Neville says he will always have Zayn’s back. Zayn says he will give the mic back to Devin Taylor and he & Neville will go face Kidd & Gabriel.


Main Event in a Tag Team Grudge Match: Sami Zayn & NXT Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd & “The Cape Town Werewolf” Justin Gabriel w/Natalya

Kidd & Neville start. “Nattie’s Husband” chants by the crowd to Kidd. Chain wrestling early with Neville taking Kidd down. Zayn in, shots to the arm of Kidd. Neville in, continues to work over Kidd’s arm. Zayn in, big chop to Kidd in the corner. Snapmare and a knee drop to the arm of Kidd by Zayn. Kidd with a knee to the ribs, Gabriel tags in. Zayn with a hiptoss, Gabriel sent off the turnbuckles. Neville in as Zayn with a slam. Zayn drops down and Neville springs off his back with a corkscrew moonsault for a nearfall. Neville works over Gabriel’s arm. Gabriel fights back with forearm, Kidd tags in. Kidd with stomps to Neville in the corner. Neville goes up & over, springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Zayn in, another big chop to Kidd. Zayn goes back to Kidd’s arm, but Kidd drives him into his corner. Zayn fights out of the corner and hits a boot to Kidd. Gabriel knocked off the apron, but Kidd sends Zayn to the outside.


Back from commercial as Gabriel with a leg sweep to Zayn. Seated double chickenwing applied, crowd wills on Zayn. Gabriel backs up to his corner, Kidd tags in. Kidd unloads with forearms to Zayn. Gabriel places Zayn in the Tree of Woe and Kidd stomps away at him. Gabriel in as Kidd places Zayn in a Camel Clutch. Gabriel with a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Gabriel with right hands, Kidd tags in. Sandwich kick combo by Kidd & Gabriel for a nearfall. Front chancery applied by Kidd. Gabriel in, gut shots to Zayn. “OLE” chant by the crowd to will on Zayn. Slam and a knee drop by Gabriel for a nearfall. Gabriel stops Zayn from making a tag, but Zayn avoids a charge and tags in Neville. Neville with a back elbow to Gabriel, Kidd knocked off the apron. Flying forearm and a series of kicks by Neville, ending with a sliding dropkick. Standing Shooting Star Press by Neville for a nearfall. Neville knocks Kidd again off the apron, then catches Gabriel with a sit-out powerbomb, but Kidd breaks up the pin. Kidd drags Gabriel to his corner and tags in. Kidd with a springboard, but Neville catches him in mid-air with a superkick for a nearfall. Neville heads up top, but Gabriel distracts him, allowing Kidd to dropkick Neville’s legs out, sending him crashing down to the mat. Springboard elbow drop by Kidd, but Zayn breaks up the pin. Zayn avoids a charge by Gabriel and Gabriel goes sailing to the outside. Neville slips out of a suplex and makes a blind tag to Zayn. Neville wipes out Gabriel with a tope suicida on the outside, then Zayn with a crossbody off the top to Kidd for a nearfall. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Zayn with right hands to Kidd, but Kidd rakes the eyes. Zayn backdrops Kidd to the outside, then gets a head of steam and WIPES OUT EVERYONE WITH A FLIP DIVE! Back in, Kidd is clutching his leg. Natalya gets on the apron to check on him. Kidd goes to hit Zayn, but Zayn with a right hand that sends Kidd into Natalya, knocking her off the apron.

Kidd & Zayn go to check on her, but Kidd rolls up Zayn for the win.

Winners: Tyson Kidd & “The Cape Town Werewolf” Justin Gabriel by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Kidd celebrates his win, then goes over to check on his wife and tells her that Zayn sent him into her. Kidd & Gabriel celebrate on the rampway, while Neville & Zayn look on as the show closes.