“Big Gold” author on new book, Natalya on Sting in WWE

Author of “Big Gold” talks about his new book

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Even more timely with the rumors that Flair is taking home the World Heavyweight Title for good, here’s my interview with Dick Bourne, author of “Big Gold”- the most detailed, researched book I’ve ever seen come out of wrestling. Bourne talks Mid-Atlantic memories, J.J. Dillon, Bob Caudle, and oh yeah, the Naitch

AL.com: ‘Big Gold’ author Dick Bourne talks Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, Ric Flair, and the world heavyweight championship

Natalya talks Sting in WWE, “Total Divas” season three

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Just wanted to pass along an interview I did with WWE Diva Natalya for CBS Local Sports. We covered a ton of stuff ahead of Battleground on Sunday:

* Sting’s arrival in WWE and who she’d like to see him wrestle
* Difficulty of bouncing back-and-forth from NXT to the main roster
* Breaking out of the shadows of her famous family
* Her match against Charlotte Flair
* Working with Tyson Kidd in NXT
* Whether WWE has plans to bring Tyson up to the main roster
* Drunk dialing Stephanie McMahon (it really happened)
* Total Divas Season 3 spoilers

Here are some highlights:

On Sting: “I think it’s cool. When we saw the debut of the new video game, that Sting is part of (WWE 2K15), it was awesome. It was like, ‘oh my gosh.’ Nobody ever thought you’d see Sting in WWE and now you see him. I can say this from experience, especially growing up around WWE my entire life, I’m one of those people that think Sting could possibly have another match in WWE.”

On drunk dialing Stephanie McMahon: “Nobody, including Steph, ever expected something like [that] to happen. It’s something now that we laugh about. The lesson learned is don’t ever go into ‘Brie Mode!’ “

On Total Divas season 3: “We have a new cast member, Rosa Mendes. And then we have, obviously, Summer Rae, who was a new cast member from last season. Summer and I never really repaired our relationship from the past. It’s something of course I want to work on. We’ve got some issue there and we go back and revisit that.”

You can listen to the full interview on CBS Baltimore.

CBS Baltimore: WWE Diva Natalya Gives Total Divas Season 3 Spoilers, Talks Sting In WWE

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