Author Kevin Sullivan is featuring new comments from Paul Heyman that didn’t make the cut of his new “WWE 50” book release. Among the topics discussed, Heyman talks about the relaunch of the ECW brand under WWE in 2006.

“The DVD sales of the pay-per-view were spectacular, and Shane McMahon was interested in relaunching the brand with distribution happening exclusively on the web, which was a completely different concept in terms of distribution than anything WWE was doing at the time. So slowly Shane was given the go-ahead to start doing a calendar and budget for this new concept. But as interest from license holders and networks and other forms of ancillary revenue streams increased, Vince got more and more involved and wanted to blow it up as much as possible.”

You can view the rest of the interview with DiBiase at the link below.

Sullivan Books: Paul Heyman on WWE’s revival of the ECW brand