WWE Studios movie news, JBL and Cole to be on the radio

WWE Studios’ “Leprechaun: Origins” to get a limited theatrical release

Variety.com has a new article up that mentions that the upcoming WWE Studios’ movie “Leprechaun: Origins” will be getting a limited theatrical release after it being only scheduled for a DVD/Blu-Ray only release. This is due to the film being received well at the San Diego Comic-Con over a week ago. The limited theatrical release is expected to help market the release on Digital HD, VOD and PPV, followed by DVD & Blu-Ray. 

Variety.com: WWE Studio’s ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Gets Theatrical Release

UPDATE AT 6:10 PM ET: WWE.com has an article up that mentions that “Leprechaun: Origins” limited theatrical release will begin on August 22. 

WWE.com: Lionsgate and WWE Studios announce ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ release date

JBL and Michael Cole to appear on terrestrial radio 5 days a week

On the JBL & Cole weekly podcast earlier today, they announced that they would be appearing on terrestrial radio five days a week on over 500 radio stations in the US. JBL also talked about the length of their appearances each day on terrestrial radio with the following: 

“This is not long form, so this is not a two or three hour show. In fact, it’s gonna be about a two minute show.”

Layfieldreport.com: JBL & Cole Show for August 4, 2014

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