Hulk Hogan birthday bash continues after the 8/11 WWE RAW

After the 8/11 WWE RAW went off the air in Portland, Hulk Hogan’s birthday bash continued. Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil brought down a cake, but ended up dropping out. A larger cake was then brought out with the candles reading “$9.99” on the cake. The crowd sang happy birthday to Hogan with John Cena leading the song.

Hogan blows out the candles and Cena says tonight is Hogan’s night as everyone clears the ring. Balloons and confetti fell inside the arena and then Vince McMahon’s music played. McMahon came out to the ring and gave Hogan a big hug. Vince held up Hogan’s arm and then left to have Hogan close the show.


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