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Audio: Shaul Guerrero/Raquel Diaz First Post WWE Interview

Back in 2012, it was reported that Shaul Guerrero (Raquel Diaz) was released from the WWE before taking a year off and returning to the company in September 2013. In her first interview with since being released in April 2014, Shaul reveals why she left the company.

“Actually, I went into rehab for an eating disorder. I was really close to Joey Mercury when I was in FCW, he was my mentor/coach. He, along with the strength and conditioning coach, noticed that I was really sick and I was just not mentally okay and physically doing a really bad job of doing what I needed to do and they finally convinced me to go into rehab for a long time disease I had. I took two months off and stayed in an (rehab) facility and from then on, I didn’t know how to come back to wrestling and still keep my recovery intact because this business is very much based on how you look. I was just not ready for that kind of challenge so I took a whole year off and really focused on myself and really needed to get health mentality, emotionally and spiritually.”

Other subjects talked about in this interview include: Her ideas to work with her mother Vickie, WWE not using her Guerrero name, The difference between FCW and NXT, What it was like to be the queen of FCW, Her favorite opponent, Her thoughts on AJ Lee and Paige, Her Ultra diva gimmick, Taking a break of absence due to her eating disorder, Her release & return, If she would join TNA & more.