Marcus Vanderburg is featuring a Q and A session with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan where he responds to comments by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently that he felt he was a bigger star in wrestling during his run with WWE.

“I think that’s in his own mind. My career was twice as long as his. I’ve been a main eventer since 1978 when we sold out Shea Stadium. I just totally disagree with him. I know he had a good run when he was in the Attitude Era. I don’t know how long the Attitude Era was — four years, eight years — I don’t know how long it was. That’s where we totally disagree. Maybe he and I should lock up and figure this thing out. That would be a nice match.”

Yahoo: Hulk Hogan Q&A: Steve Austin only a bigger legend than me ‘in his own mind’