WWE’s Stephanie McMahon has written an article for The Huffington Post looking at the life of WWE fan Connor Michalek aka Connor the Crusher. McMahon talks about meeting Connor for the first time and how he became a big part of everyone’s lives in WWE not long after.

“Anyone who hears Connor’s story or watches his video is affected by his remarkable personality. In fact, Connor had such a profound impact on my husband and me that we started a fund with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, in his honor. The fund is called “Connor’s Cure” and it is designed to fund research to help find a cure for pediatric brain and spinal cancer, to ensure no other child or their family has to endure his fate. I believe everything happens for a reason. I feel humbled and privileged that Connor somehow chose WWE to spread his message through our vast audience.”

You can check out the full article below.

The Huffington Post: An Angel on Earth