Chuck Carroll of CBS Radio passed this along.

I conducted an interview with Sinn Bodhi who provided me with an update on Jake “The Snake” Roberts condition and exactly what led to his hospitalization.

The full interview on The Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll can be heard online via CBS Radio in Washington, D.C.

Wrestling Legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts To Be Moved Out Of Intensive Care

Bodhi said Roberts will be moved out of Intensive Care by this weekend. He will remain hospitalized under observation until doctors feel he can continue to recover at home.

Once discharged, Bodhi said Roberts will stay with him for a while before traveling back to Atlanta.

He made clear that the ordeal was not the result of substance abuse.

Bodhi also spoke about a mass on Roberts’ brain that was discovered during the hospitalization. Doctors believe it was most likely was caused by his years of working in the ring.

The full interview touches on his prognosis moving forward, how fans can help, and speculates on whether Roberts will wrestle again.