The Washington Post had posted an article on Tuesday quoting a theory from a writer on that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar missed this past Monday’s RAW due to a heart issue that stemmed from Lesnar sweating profusely and his face turning purple after only a few minutes in to his match with John Cena at this past Sunday’s Night of Champions PPV live in Nashville.

“The current WWE Champion started his match against John Cena with a completely normal look. However, after just a couple of minutes, Lesnar was already sweating profusely and had turned both red and purple in his face. This is normal for someone undergoing intense physical exertion, but Lesnar was barely doing anything of note. A rehearsed wrestling match shouldn’t be turning a man purple. … Fans have noted that in addition to turning red and intensely sweating, Brock also appeared to be struggling for breath. Yes, he’s a big guy, but he shouldn’t be reacting like this. It’s a worrying indicator of health problems such as blood pressure or risk of heart attack.”

WWE issued the following statement today denying those claims:

“There is no truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar’s health.”

Mike Johnson is reporting that Lesnar was never scheduled by WWE to appear at this past Monday’s RAW and was only scheduled for the Night of Champions PPV this week. Lesnar is also said to not be currently scheduled for the Hell in the Cell PPV on 10/26. 

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