Brian Fritz passed this along.

WWE superstar Bo Dallas talkwith Brian Fritz about making it into a video game for the first time as he is part of the WWE 2K15 game, the attention to detail the game has, always having a smile on his face, his recent matches with Jack Swagger, his goal of having the wettest shirt in wrestling, having his brother Bray Wyatt on the road too, growing up in a wrestling family and some inspirational words for anyone having a bad day.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On being in the WWE 2K15 game:

“I didn’t know it coming in today. I saw it walking in, they wereplaying my entrance. Being in a WWE video game is a lifelong dream, a benchmark that I set in my career. Today, that happened. I don’t think words can really describe how I feel about it. This is amazing.I’m still kind of soaking it in.”

On having his brother on the road with him:

“I mean, yeah, we see each other and it’s great to have a family member on the road to bounce ideas off of. It’s already hard enough traveling as much as we do so it’s great to have a family member that you can talk to on the road. It’s really cool.”