Brian Fritz passed this along.

WWE superstar Cesaro talks with Brian Fritz about the upcoming WWE 2K15 game which he is, helping the creators in the making of the game, his fantastic match with Sheamus at WWE Night of Champions 2014, working out at the Performance Center, new talent training there and more. 

Some excerpts from the interview:

On the upcoming WWE 2K15 game and his character:

“The game is phenomenal. The graphics look amazing, it’s so much fun to play and, of course, the most realistic character and the best character in the game will be Cesaro. I did all the motion capture for my character in the game myself. So, you see the authenticity, the way he moves, the way he executes all the moves. It’s very well done.”

On the talent pool at the Performance Center:

“It’s great to see how the talent pool here that’s down here at NXT, it just congregates here and everybody from all over the world feels like they have to come here to prove themselves and see if they can take their career to the next level. It’s up to them to step up and see if they can do it.”


WWE Performance Center head trainer Bill DeMott talks about the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game, how he looks in the game, the “My Career” mode in the game and having the PC and NXT in the game, life after being an in-ring performer, challenging the main roster with the talent there, the recent anniversary of the start of Goldberg’s streak in WCW which started against him and more fun! 

Some excerpts from the interview:

On the Performance Center being in the “My Career” mode in the WWE 2K15 game:

“It’s unbelievable. It’s the red wall. You see our banners. You see the seven rings. You’re in the performance center with us, with me, and that’s an honor. I love the fact that the performance center is represented and I get to represent that. That side of what these superstars do to become NXT superstars and to WWE superstars and to WrestleMania.”

On being the head trainer and working with NXT talent:

“I love this company. This is fun. We get to come here and challenge ourselves every day with up to 70 men and women at any time and challenge each other to be better and to make a statement. There’s a sign over there: you’re not here to fill a spot, you’re here to take a spot. That’s fun when you’re challenging your own team for more. We challenge the main roster on a weekly basis. We’re letting John Cena know. We’re letting Randy (Orton) know. We’re letting Roman (Reigns) know … you came from here and we’re right behind you. I have a smile on my face because we let everyone know. Triple H challenges us to find the next one and how do we make it better and give everyone an opportunity. That’s a cool challenge. Not a job, it’s a challenge.”