WWE business figures for August 2014.

* Paid live attendance averaged 4,953 fans, up 4.8% from last year (4,725 fans).

* WWE shipped 156,000 DVD units, down 15.2% from last year.

* The most shipped WWE DVD releases included WrestleMania 30 (130,000), The Ultimate Warrior (88,000), The Greatest Stars of the 90s (56,000), WCW’s Greatest Matches (52,000) and Shawn Michaels (52,000).

* WWE.com averaged 21.2 million unique visitors, up 49.3% from last year. Going forward, these figures are expected to be much higher with the addition of the WWE Network and multiple devices hitting the website.

* WWE Shop averaged 900 orders per day, up 46.8% from last year.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter