Brian Shields talks the release of “30 Years of WrestleMania” talks with New York Times Bestselling author Brian Shields about the release of the new “30 Years of WrestleMania” book along with former staff member and current owner of Top Rope Press, Ryan Droste.

During the interview, Brian talks attending Comic Con in New York to promote the release of the book, his first intense week of interviews, different aspects of the book and more.

On utilizing the WWE Network while reviewing the new book:

“You’re the first person that has mentioned any of that and it’s another reason why I love our conversations. I’ll tell you my process in terms of researching it and it’s something that I haven’t actually talked in any of my other interviews. I kicked it old school. I actually have in my office, where I do a lot of my writing, which at the time I need to remind everybody was very state of the art, was a DVD/VHS combo player. The reason why I keep that is because when I work on these incredible historical pieces with WWE and DK, I go back to the VHS tape if that’s how I original saw the event. And then I switch over to formats when it’s time as far as how I saw it.”

On the controversy of the reported attendance for WrestleMania 3:

“That number, the 93,000+ number is in the book, because that is what the research provided in terms of looking at different records, in my interviews with different people from the company at that time. I did hear over the years, you know, different speculation on people questioning that number. I think part of it guys is that held as the record for live indoor attendance up until 2010 when the NBA had their All Star game in Dallas. The people that I spoke with that were working with the company, that were doing the marketing and handling ticket sales, that is the attendance for WrestleMania 3.”

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You can check out the full interview with Brian Shields below.