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WWE’s “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) came by the studio to partake in another exclusive interview/fan Q&A as part of Brian Soscia’s (@THEBrianSoscia) on-going Beneath The Mat series.

To watch the interview:

As always, Soscia covers a lot of interesting and unique things. They start w/ Seth’s feelings on The Rock. Most fans have strong opinions on the Rock coming back to WWE whenever it’s convenient for him and his schedule. Rollins gives his candid thoughts on the situation as it relates to him personally and some of the other Superstars.

“Uhhhh…I mean there’s a little bit of resentment there there’s gotta be, but it’s mostly envy b/c we all want to have the level of success that he has. We want to have the ability to walk into a room and um, ya know be as well received as he was. Although, he did take the cheap route I think by um just talking about all the boroughs and wearing his little Brooklyn jacket. But that’s the Rock, that’s how he does his thing…”

From there, the chat shifts to football. We find out who his favorite NFL team is. Soscia then remembers a story that he heard about Seth’s dreams to play in the NFL and wonders if it’s true or not. The conversation comes back to wrestling as Rollins speaks on which wrestler influenced him the most as he was growing up. They also touch on who he enjoyed watching the most as a fan and why?

The conversation gets even more interesting as they talk about how the style of wrestling has changed and continues to change.

“The style is getting faster and faster. The athletes are getting better and better. The future is pretty bright for WWE…” That’s a quick quote, but they go way more in-depth about the differences from the past and how we got to where we are now with the product.

They also go onto talk about Seth’s rarely mentioned fiancé and how important a support system is in a pro wrestler’s line of work. PLUS, find out what extremely important part that she plays in his career.

We then find out how the Shield measures up to other factions or trios in wrestling history such as the 4-Horsemen,The Freebirds, DX and others…

“The Shield was only around for..what? Two years? And we did A LOT in 2 years. I think the fact that people even take those 2 years and put them up against the reputations of those other groups really says a lot about what we were able to accomplish in that short period of time…It’s definitely something, two years I’m very proud of and I’m happy to say we certainly left a scar on WWE.

From there, they talk about the Shield’s unique entrances and the problems that they may have encountered when the fans who try to get involved with it. All of this plus so much more in Part 1 of Soscia’s exclusive on-going Beneath The Mat interview series. Look out for part 2 in the coming days! Feel free to follow and talk wrestling w/ Soscia on Twitter @THEBrianSoscia. For more on the BTM series @BTMWrestling on Twitter. Also, let Seth Rollins know what you think of the interview @WWERollins.