WWE.com “Where are they now?” with Maria Kanellis

WWE.com has a new “Where are they now? article up with former WWE Diva and current ROH performer Maria Kanellis, looking at her time in the company from 2004 to 2010 and getting married to ROH wrestler Michael Bennett earlier this month. Ring of Honor is not mentioned within the article itself. The article also brings up that Maria is the first recipient of the new WWE Talent Scholarship Program that was created earlier this year to help past & present talent be able to get a college degree, which Maria said the following about:

“I was very excited, it’s a tremendous opportunity. I can’t wait to start at school in December. School will be a lot more relaxing since I have the scholarships. I think that when you go back to school when you’re a little older, you’re a lot more focused.”

WWE.com: Where Are They Now?: Maria