Live Audio Wrestling spoke to Chris Jericho in Toronto when Raw came to town:

– Jericho said he knew there would be a disconnect with fans when he returned with his short hair.

– Y2J said the original plan for his feud with Shawn Michaels was only going to be one month and it ended up being a classic eight month program.

– He said it is hard to be a heel today because fans want to cheer for the bad guys.

– Y2J said he created the new heel character with WWE writer Brian Gewertiz and Vince McMahon. He said he really enjoyed the Bob Barker skit on Raw.

– Y2J said he believe he is doing the best work of his career due to his new heel persona.

– Jericho said he knew some fans wouldn’t accept Big Show as his tag team partner, but he likes the odd couple dynamic with the giant. He said the chemistry works.
Jericho said it would have worked with Kane, but thinks it works better with Big Show.

– Jericho talked about Eric Bischoff, and said he put everything into the New World Order, but wouldn’t build anyone else up to that level. He said Bischoff should be given the credit for building up WCW, but also should receive the blame for the fall of the company.

– Y2J said he feels Hulk Hogan had his two best matches of this decade with him. He said Hogan was his fan when they worked together in WWE in 2002.

– Y2J put over Jeff Hardy at the end of the interview, and said that he respects him. He said fans would pop big if he returned today, and that we shouldn’t get to quick to judge him.

– When asked about Perry Saturn, he kidded about him hanging out with Ralphus. Jericho said he didn’t know the whereabouts of either man.

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