Kevin Nash on the WWE Title, his relationship with Bret Hart

Author Kevin Sullivan is featuring new comments from Kevin Nash that didn’t make the cut of his 2010 “WWE Championship” book release. Among the topics discussed, Nash talks about winning the WWE Title at a house show and his relationship with Bret Hart.

On winning the WWE Championship at a house show at Madison Square Garden:

“At that time, that was the first year that we went to the fifth pay-per-view, which was King of the Ring. We just had the four pay-per-views back then. Of course, in those days you would have loved to win the title at WrestleMania. But WrestleMania was several months away. Plus at that time we were starting to get a little bit of an upswing in the house show business and it was good for the fans to know that titles did change hands at house shows. To me it was a moment in my career like no other. It didn’t matter where it was. But that fact that it was in the Garden was special enough for me.”

On his relationship with Bret Hart:

“It’s funny that people say they don’t have a good relationship with Bret, but I just think they misunderstood Bret. I always thought I had a really good relationship with Bret. A lot of times he and I would be on an European trip … I’d be in a jazz club in Germany, I’d look over and see Bret by himself, I’d be by myself, so we’d just sit and have some beers together. Bret was very much a lone wolf. But Bret had a very dry, budding, great sense of humor. Very sarcastic. We always had a respect for each other. And he was a pro. There was never a time when he didn’t lace ‘em up. You know if you were in there with Bret, you were gonna have a great match.”

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Kevin Sullivan Books: Kevin Nash, nudity, and the WWE Title

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