David Otunga on trying stand up comedy, status with WWE

Jawn Murray of AlwaysAList.com is featuring an interview with David Otunga where he talks about trying stand up comedy recently in Chicago and his current status with WWE.

On the reaction to trying out stand up comedy recently:

“I always try to challenge myself and I always try to do stuff that people don’t expect me to do. When I left the law firm, people did not expect me to go on a reality show. They did not expect me to go to WWE. I read one comment and the headline was: ‘David Otunga, of all people, does standup comedy.’ I was like, yes, I’m going to retweet that. That’s exactly what I was going for. At this point you could expect anything from me. I told my mom I was doing it and by now, she’s heard it all. She was like, ‘you’re a standup comic, oh okay.’ Totally normal! But I booked another set at another local club in Chicago right after I got off stage.  My manager has also gotten calls from other local clubs looking to book me. It was fun and I’d love to do it again. I didn’t plan this to be a career change.”

On his current status with WWE:

“I’m still with them. I’m focusing on some other stuff, but I’m looking to get back there. I’d like to win a singles title. But you haven’t seen the last of me.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

AlwaysAList: It’s No Joke: David Otunga Talks Comedy Debut, New Legal Venture & WWE Future

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