CM Punk on his frustrations with main event scene in WWE

CM Punk recently did an interview with The Associated Press and writer Dan Gleston about signing with the UFC and his frustrations with the WWE main event scene.

On if he would ever return to WWE:

“They didn’t like me long before I left and there’s no reason to pretend there needs to be any kind of working relationship.”

On frustrations when he was in the WWE main event scene:

“Imagine if UFC took Conor McGregor and they just put him on Fight Pass prelims, and they wouldn’t let him main event the big PPV or a big show. That’s how I felt. I was the main event on all the house shows, I was the only guy that was touring live every single day. When it came time for the PPV main event, oh, someone else is coming in.” CM Punk set for real fight game with UFC debut