WWE Main Event results, Dec. 30, 2014: Edge & Christian file lawsuit against WWE!

Results courtesy of WWE.com.

NORFOLK, Va. — An almost New Year’s Eve episode of WWE Main Event kicked off with a visit from WWE Hall of Famer Edge & Christian, who aren’t taking Seth Rollins and Big Show’s actions against Edge on Raw lightly. The duo have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against WWE! The final night of in-ring action in 2014 culminated with an exciting tag team bout pitting new WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos against Gold & Stardust.

Edge & Christian posed with The Exotic Express; file lawsuit against WWE!

WWE Hall of Famer Edge & Christian welcomed Adam Rose to The Cutting Edge Peep Show, but it was The Bunny and The Exotic Express who got props from E&C. With Rose left pouting outside the ring, Edge & Christian struck a Five-Second Pose with The Rosebuds. Before The Authority resumes power this Monday on Raw, E&C will be in charge of SmackDown this Friday. According to Michael Cole, the duo filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against WWE for the actions of Seth Rollins and Big Show last night on Raw.

WWE NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte def. Sasha Banks

In the first match of the night, the WWE Universe was treated to an incredible bout between former teammates, WWE NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Banks looked like she could pull off the upset when she locked the champion in a painful submission hold, but WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s daughter managed to escape. Despite the avoiding a pinfall after a moonsault by putting her foot on the rope, The Boss could not also avoid Charlotte blasting her with Natural Selection for the win.

Titus O’Neil def. Justin Gabriel

As he made his way to the ring to take on Justin Gabriel, Titus O’Neil vowed 2015 would be his year. He backed up with words with a strong start, including a vicious clothesline to Gabriel. There was a brief glimmer of hope for Gabriel via some high-flying offense but it was short lived. Using brute force, O’Neil viciously tossed his opponent from the top rope through the air and onto the canvas for the pinfall.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos def. Gold & Stardust

The tag team war looked like it go either way until a miscue caused Stardust to kick Goldust by mistake. Seizing the moment with a frog splash from the top rope, the newly crowned WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos picked up the victory. The 2014 Slammy Tag Team of the Year head into 2015 looking stronger than ever.