Why Main Event won’t air on the WWE Network next week

WWE announced during tonight’s 1/13 Main Event that a “Santino Marella Royal Rumble Lottery Special” would be airing next week in the same Tuesday night time slot.

Multiple wrestling media sources are reporting that the show being pulled next week coincides with the official launch of the WWE Network in the UK and Ireland. Sky Sports holds the exclusive rights to air Main Event in the UK so the WWE would be unable to broadcast the show on the WWE Network.

WWE is expected to work out some kind of a deal over the next two weeks until the next planned episode of Main Event on 1/27. It’s also very possible that a deal won’t be made in time and that the show simply would be pulled from the WWE Network for the time being. WWE has yet to officially comment on the current situation.

Sources: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, PWInsider.com, Prowrestling.net