Peter Ferreri passed along these interviews.

SportsTownChicago hosts Pete Ferreri and the Swinke sat down for a few minutes with the WWE Legend and Hall of Fame member Jake “the Snake” Roberts. He spoke about his current health status, working with C.M. Punk and Dean Ambrose, announcing his RETURN to Wrestlemania this year, Randy Savage getting into the Hall of Fame, giving a LOT of praise to Bray Wyatt, playing pranks on Mike Rotunda (I.R.S.) and much more!

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins spoke with SportsTownChicago about his reign as Mr. Money in the bank, his favorite SMACKDOWN moments, fighting Lesnar/Cena at the Royal Rumble, his thoughts on MACHO MAN in the Hall of Fame, who else HE feels should be in the hall, NXT, Fighting in the Chicago, starting in the Indy’s in Chicago and Iowa, his time with the SHIELD (and was there ever a chance of a 4th member), and MUCH more.