WWE NXT Results – 1/28/15 (Owens/Zayn contract signing)

WWE NXT results 11/13/14

January 28, 2015
Full Sail University
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Alex Riley, Renee Young

Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

NXT Tag Team Titles: Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake def. The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto) (c’s) to win the titles when Blake, who blind tagged in, pinned Kalisto after Kalisto hit Murphy with Solida Del Sol.

Blake & Murphy celebrate their title win afterwards.

We see video from last week and what took place in the NXT Women’s Title match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks that saw Becky Lynch and Bayley get involved.

Backstage, Charlotte walks up to Bayley and is upset about what she did last week to her. Bayley starts to apologize, but then stops herself and says she is not sorry about what she did, because she saw how not being nice helped Sami Zayn win the NXT Title and she will do the same to win the NXT Women’s Title, but they have to work together in their tag match tonight. Charlotte says she better, because if Bayley doesn’t, she won’t make it to Takeover.

Backstage, Tyler Breeze says he has unfinished business with Hideo Itami and will be watching the rest of the #1 Contenders Tournament very closely.

NXT Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round Match: Adrian Neville def. Tyson Kidd to advance to the Semi-Finals with the Red Arrow.

During Neville’s entrance, we see someone trying to hack into the broadcast and cause technical difficulties, appearing to show a logo for the impending debut of the former SamI Callihan (Solomon Crowe).

Afterwards, Neville is interviewed and he says he doesn’t matter who he has to face in the Semi-Finals, whether it be Baron Corbin or Bull Dempsey, he will win this tournament and prove that he is the most dominant NXT Champion in NXT history.

Backstage, The B.A.E. says that they will win their match tonight. Sasha says that she will win the NXT Women’s Title at Takeover because Lynch knows to do the right thing and help her win. Sasha leaves, then Lynch says that she will do the right thing, walk out of Takeover the NXT Women’s Champion.

Backstage, Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake talk about winning the NXT Tag Team Titles tonight and are willing to be fighting champions and give the Lucha Dragons a return match.

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte & Bayley vs. The B.A.E. (Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch) goes to a No Contest when Charlotte and Bayley begin fighting with one another until multiple referees have to break them up.

Backstage, Finn Balor talks about his Semi-Final Match next week against longtime friend Hideo Itami, but Itami interrupts and says he brought Balor into NXT and if he has to go through him to win the tournament, he will.

Backstage, Emma says she is back in NXT and will face Carmella next week.

Main Event in a NXT Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round Match: Baron Corbin def. Bull Dempsey to advance to the Semi-Finals with the End of Days.

Backstage, Baron Corbin goes to be interviewed about his Semi-Final Match next week against Adrian Neville when Bull Dempsey walks in. Bull says Corbin got lucky again and goes to say more, but Corbin piefaces him away and Bull leaves fuming.

NXT GM William Regal, NXT Champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come out to the ring for the Contract Signing for the match between Zayn and Owens at Takeover. Zayn signs the contract, then cuts a promo on Owens about their long friendship and says he should have seen Owens turning on him, but he didn’t, so at Takeover, I will beat the hell outta you. Owens goes to sign the contract, but then Owens says what he did to Zayn at R Evolution wasn’t personal, it was business because he has said that he will fight anyone and everyone, but for a prize. Zayn isn’t the prize, the NXT Title is the prize, because it means more money and a better life for he, his wife and his two children. So, if they want the match, they can have it when the contract says its for the NXT Title. Regal tries to explain to Owens, but then Zayn says Regal has to make it for the title. Its what Owens wants, its what he wants, its what the fans want, so Regal, make this match for the NXT Title. Regal finally agrees and Owens signs the contract. Owens flicks his pen at Zayn, then leaves the ring as Regal holds back Zayn to close the show.