has a new interview with WWE NXT Diva Charlotte about her career. Here are some excerpts:

On her December 2014 WWE RAW appearance:

“To be honest I don’t think about the match itself. I look at this being one of the first opportunities of many that I will have in the future. Just to have the opportunity to whether it was one minute or twenty minutes was great to highlight the future (NXT), and myself. Natty has been there for the biggest moments in my career. She was my very first dark match at NXT. She was my first NXT Special match where I won the women’s championship. These were very special moments and I don’t think it could have gone any better.”

On Triple H wanting to give the WWE Divas more time:

“Down in NXT, Triple H and the writers are very hands on as well as our coaches. They have a very good grasp of our characters. Speaking for the Divas we have earned their trust and respect and there’s leeway to experiment. The only reason we are given more time because we have delivered time and time again. You think of Bayley, Sasha Banks a year ago. I think Triple H really wants the divas to shine.”

On the perception of WWE women’s wrestling by fans:

“Hearing that is extremely frustrating because it will change. If they were able to play our matches on Raw it would be great to show that the women can work like men. I’m not saying the Divas on the roster now aren’t capable of doing that but the training in NXT has really helped us. I think over the years with the Divas searches and very little training makes it hard to make the division legitimate. I hope over my career that they don’t look at our matches as a ‘popcorn match.’ I truly believe we are paving the way for a great division.” WWE NXT’s Charlotte: ‘I’m one of the best females in professional wrestling’