The Cook County Record is reporting that WWE doctor Christopher M. Amann has filed a defamation lawsuit against Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and Scott “Colt Cabana” Colton over comments made on an episode of the “Art of Wrestling” podcast back in November.

Amann, who has worked as a physican with WWE since 2010, claims statements made by Brooks and Colton on the podcast were false, defamatory and put him in a false light by improperly insinuating “a lack of integrity … and/or inability or lack of competence to perform his professional duties as a medical doctor.”

Amann is seeking $1 million in damages along with an undetermined amount of punitive damages. For those who remember, Brooks claimed on the podcast that Amann had falsely diagnosed a lump that “grew to the size of a baseball” and later turned into a staph infection. Brooks also claimed Amann failed to treat his concussion symptoms saying that he was only prescribed antibiotics as treatment.

The suit adds, “Amann was not requested by Brooks to treat and/or excise a lump, let a lone a purple, baseball-sized lump.” Amann claims he followed proper protocol by directing Punk to leave the ring after a preliminary diagnosis of a concussion and requested further evaluation in the training room. The suit notes that Colton has been included claiming his podcast helped Brooks falsely depict Amann as a lazy and bad doctor.

Source: The Cook County Record