Chris Jericho talks about the wrestling media, Randy Orton

Brian Soscia sent this in.

@THEBrianSoscia spoke w/ @IAMJericho after reading some of Jericho’s book. They talk about a ton of suff. The interview starts off with Jericho giving us his comments on Randy Orton. Soscia wonders if Orton cares about the comments fans make about him. After an answer that may shock some about Orton, Jericho revels who he thinks is the best worker in the business and why he feels he is correct w/ no debate. From there he gives Soscia his thoughts on John Cena. They go on to speak about why fans, especially ones on the internet, have such strong opinions on the business. Soscia then uncovers why and how Chris came up with some of his best catchphrases. Then, Soscia asks Jericho about his relationship w/ Dave Meltzer? What is the thought process within industry about being friendly w/ sheet writers like Meltzer. Is it OK for wrestlers to be friends w/ dirt sheet writers? All that plus much more in this awesome Soscia vs Jericho — No Holds Bared interview!

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