Reader email regarding auto-cancel with the WWE Network

gutterhippo sent this in.

I don’t know how newsworthy or helpful this might be to your users, but I have been a WWE Network subscriber since day one and I just got a notice in my e-mail that my subscription is set to expire tomorrow. When I tried to go into the account, it would not let me auto-renew. After chatting with someone from tech support, I found out that the way they have the system set up makes subscriptions good for a maximum of a year. To quote tech support, “I do apologize because as of this moment we don’t have the option to renew the subscription once it’s reach the limit.” So, anybody who has been signed up since day one will have to go in and manually re-enter all of their information again tomorrow to continue their subscription.

And, I don’t know if this was reported or not, but I know some criticized the WWE for only giving new subscribers November and February free, while those that were already subscribed had to pay for those months. In what might be considered a consolation prize, on 2/24/15 the WWE sent out e-mails to all of the subscribers that had been signed up for the network since day one and gave them a free $25 to use at, with no minimum purchase and expiring 6/30/15.