Triple H on ring return: “My body exploded when I landed”

Nick Schwartz of USA Today is featuring an interview with Paul “Triple H” Levesque where he talks about starting to get back in the ring in preparation for his match with Sting at WrestleMania 31 this Sunday in Santa Clara.

“I got in the ring for the first time the other day and fell down for the first time and it felt like my body exploded when I landed. It takes a little bit. You can train, but its one of those things where ‘experts’ of our business that have never done it will say ‘oh if they gave guys time off it would be better for them’ or whatever, but it’s honestly, having done this for 20 plus years — time off is your worst enemy. It really is, it makes it so much harder to do this.”

USA Today: Triple H on getting back in the ring for the first time: ‘It felt like my body exploded’