WWE.com has a new interview up with set designer Jason Robinson about his history of designing the sets for Wrestlemania and what fans can expect from the set for Sunday’s Wrestlemania 31 PPV. Here is an excerpt:

“Expect something different from us. The atmosphere being West Coast and daylight presented some very unique challenges for us to overcome. The structure itself isn’t really tied to a particular thing like the city or arena, but we have this really unique thing where we can’t hide anything. We have to be open, [because] everybody’s going to see everything. I can’t do the theater magic and hide the bad parts. So we’ve had to work really hard. Everything had to tie in and feel like it was part of the image and the structure. It’s a unique set, a unique way of lighting the ring because of the sun. You’ll see some different search lights around there, and from a lighting point of view and the set, we’ve had to deal with having full sun on the set because you can’t hide anything. You’ll see it’s a different set from us this year.”

WWE.com: The Grandest Set Designer of Them All: WWE.com speaks with the man behind the WrestleMania sets, Jason Robinson