Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts posted a blog yesterday taking WWE to task for how they portrayed the story about the late Connor Michalek, who was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last week as the first receipint of the Warrior Award.

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“I just didn’t realize that when they retold this story, it was going to become just like those other reality-inspired storylines I mentioned earlier. The next week came and went. The plan changed and only Stephanie and Daniel Bryan were interviewed. Stephanie was generous to Connor. Daniel was always good to him when they were face to face at the arenas. Daniel is a quality person and incredible performer. I feel bad that the company put him in a position where people on the outside might assume they were closer than they were. When the video came out, I was surprised, maybe more surprised than I should have been, to discover that reality was not a part of the story. The company told the story the way they wanted it to be told. And then I remembered: that’s just what the company does — it tells stories. Maybe I experienced this one too personally to see it distorted, but it was not easy to take.”

You can read the full blog at the link below. Believe Half of What You See and Portions of What You Hear