Chris Jericho defends questions asked on live Cena podcast

Chris Jericho posted the following on Instagram earlier today commenting on fan criticism of the questions he asked to John Cena during their live podcast last night on the WWE Network:

“It’s official…the #CenaVsJericho episode of #LiveWithChrisJericho was a HIT!! The Great conversation between two friends on the #WWENetwork is a MUST SEE! And for those of you complaining that I didn’t ask the “Hard Questions”, what were you expecting? “So why did u bury so and so John?” “Ever murder someone Cena?”…It’s a talk show for Pete’s sake! I’m all about fun stories and having a few laughs and my show will always reflect that. Don’t wanna laugh? Then Don’t watch the next one…and there will be a next one! @johncena @wwe”