Michael Bradley is featuring an article on SportsJouranlism.org about ESPN programming covering WWE including the Brock Lesnar re-signing announcement and recent coverage of WrestleMania 31. Bradley writes in the article that ESPN covering WWE might be good business, but it isn’t viewed as good journalism.

“Viewers, readers and users already have enough trouble discerning what’s real news and what is promotional content, especially with ESPN, the master of blending the two into a self-aggrandizing stew. Giving WWE more than an occasional nod would be extremely risky, since the process would confer legitimacy on something that is clearly a show. What would come next, breakdowns of the previous night’s prime-time lineup? Coverage of the results of a movie’s sports storyline?”

You can read the full article below.

Sportsjournalism.org: Let’s hope media outlets remember what “E” in WWE means