The following was taped on Monday in London, England.

WWE RAW tapings for tonight (April 13, 2015):

* WWE United States Champion John Cena opened the show. Cena was confronted with a hostile crowd in London. Bad News Barrett answers his open challenge.

* John Cena def. Bad News Barrett to retain the WWE United States Championship. After the match, Lana walks out on stage and Rusev attacks Cena in the ring. Lana announces their title match at Extreme Rules will now be a Russian Chain match.

* Paige won a No. 1 Contenders Battle Royal to earn a shot at the WWE Divas Championship. After the match, Paige was interviewed and Naomi attacked her.

* A new Bray Wyatt promo airs.

* Booker T interviews Roman Reigns in the ring. Booker asked him about WrestleMania and Reigns said Rollins did what he was supposed to do. He promises to be champion one day. Big Show shows up on the screen and promises to knock Reigns out. Reigns said he will show the Andre trophy down Big Show’s throat.

* The Lucha Dragons def. The Ascension.

* Big Show attacked Roman Reigns and threw him on the side of a taxi that was used as a prop in the entrance area near the ramp. Big Show then gave Reigns a chokeslam on top of the taxi to end the segment.

* Randy Orton def. WWE Tag Team Champion Cesaro. After the match, Kane comes out and says The Authority isn’t in London. He restarts the match.

* Randy Orton def. WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd.

* Dean Ambrose def. Adam Rose.

* Backstage, Big Show convinces Kane to change the main event to Seth Rollins vs. Kane instead of Rollins vs. Ziggler. Kane says he will do what is best for business.

* Stardust def. Fandango.

* Backstage, Daniel Bryan mocks Kane for booking himself against Seth Rollins tonight and doing something that put WCW out of business. Bryan tells Kane to be a man.

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins def. Kane. Kane at one point sat down for Rollins, but kicked out and then attacked J and J Security. Kane gave Rollins a chokeslam, teased doing a Tombstone and instead put Rollins over him for the pinfall.

* Damien Mizdow def. The Miz.

* Ryback def. Luke Harper via DQ. After the match, Dean Ambrose attacked Harper.

* Dolph Ziggler def. Neville. After the match, Sheamus attacked both men.

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had a sit down promo in the ring. Rollins and Orton each get to pick a stipulation for Extreme Rules. Rollins said the RKO is banned. Orton said they have to fight inside a steel cage.

* Triple H will have a Tough Enough announcement next week.

* Post-Taping Bonus Match: WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose def. Big Show, Sheamus & Luke Harper.