Wrestleview reader Bartosz Frankowski sent these results in.

4/15 WWE Results: Warsaw, Poland

Sorry for my English, it’s not perfect, but I’ll do my best.

Barrett opens the show, with a nice little promo. He welcomes Warsaw, he asked us, are we glad that we will see our favorite WWE superstars. The crowd goes Yes, but Barrett says, he afraid he has some Bad News 🙂 He said that Daniel Bryan was sent home, by WWE due to too many Bullhammers from him. And bad news for us means good news for him, and he has the night off, and he is glad that he will never have to see us again. Then Jimmy Uso comes out and we have the first match of the night.

1. Jimmy Uso def. Bad News Barrett via pinfall (body splash to finish Barrett).

2. Damien Mizdow & Zack Ryder def. The Miz & Fandango with Rosa (Mizdow pinned Miz, after Skull crushing finale).

Comedy match, usual but fun stuff from Miz & Mizdow. Before the match, a little promo from The Miz, he will speak slowly so we could all understand here in Poland etc. Mizdow took the mic from him and said “shut the hell up” in Polish (“zamknij mordę”) to a huge pop from the crowd.

3. Finn Balor def. Adam Rose via pinfall. Great reaction crowd for Balor, lots of NXT chants and of course for Balor himself. Good match, we finally get to see Adam Rose in the ring longer than two minutes.

4. WWE Tag Team Championship Match, Three way dance:
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd def. Los Matadores and The New Day (Kofi & Big E.)

Big chants for Cesaro, Tyson, and even for Natalya. And of course ‘New Day Sucks’ chants. All members of the New Day are doing a great job of playing with that “New Day sucks thing” in my opinion. Tyson pinned Kofi, after their dropkick/swing combo finisher.

5. Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after Brogue Kick.

After the match, Sheamus returns to the ring to have some more on Ziggler, but Dolph recapitalizes, hits him with a kick and Zig Zag, and walks to the back as now Sheamus was left lying in the ring.

6. Natalya, Layla and Emma def. Rosa, Cameron & Tamina (as Natalya put a sharpshooter on Cameron). Great reactions from the audience, many Natalya chants, I think she will remember Polish fans well.
7. Bray Wyatt def. Eric Rowan (after Sister Abigail).
Good Match, lots of Bray Wyatt chants. The Undertaker chant was there as well.

8. Roman Reigns def. Big Show in a street fight (after two tables being crushed, few superman punches, and in the end of course the spear).

Good match, also I think the best of the night. Roman’s entrance from the crowd is awesome when you are in a live event. Big Show was playing heel with the crowd. We want tables chants broke up, Big Show said “you won’t get any”, but we had two.

That was fourth show in Poland, I was on three of them, and it was definitely the best one. Attendance it’s hard to say but I think something about 4,000 fans.
Greetings from Poland!

Thanks to Bartosz for sending these results in.