WWE NXT announced the following dates earlier today for their “On the Road” live event tour beginning later this month and into the month of June:

* 4/30 in Lakeland, Florida at the Armory (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/1 in Tampa, Florida at the UACDC Gym (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/2 in Cocoa Beach, Florida at the Cocoa Armory (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/8 in Largo, Florida at the Minnreg Hall (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Tower Theatre (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

* 5/16 in Albany, New York at the Washington Armory (Tickets on-sale 5/1, pre-sale code CAPITAL)

* 5/23 in Strake, Florida at the Strake Armory (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/29 in Citrus Springs, Florida (Tickets on-sale now)

* 5/30 in Venice, Florida at the Community Center (Tickets on-sale now)

* 6/11 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the AE Theatre (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

* 6/12 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theatre (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

* 6/13 in Columbus, Ohio at the LC Pavillion (Tickets on-sale 5/1)

WWE.com: WWE NXT comes to Pennsylvania, New York & Ohio in May and June