Alex Obert of passed along an interview he conducted with former WWE NXT star CJ Parker talking about returning to the independent wrestling scene.

On life after NXT:

“I think people forget that we do NXT shows in front of two hundred people on Fridays and Saturdays. Not everything is Full Sail. I’m used to these small crowds and I love them. It’s a little more intimate, it’s a little more up close and personal. It’s cool. I like it as much, or in some ways, even more than a big, huge crowd. You can really, really connect with individuals and it’s a great time. If you can get a hundred people to make some noise, you’re doing good.”

Advice from Seth Rollins and Kevin Steen about returning to the indys:

“They just said you gotta hustle. You gotta talk with promoters, you gotta bargain. You gotta make sure you have merchandise to sell to people. They know how I feel about wrestling, they know that I’m passionate about it. They know that I’m gonna make it work and I’m gonna have a blast wrestling here at Five Borough or tomorrow at CZW or in the backyard at some twelve year old’s birthday party. I’m gonna have a great time doing it. They’re just happy for me because they know how happy and excited I am.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below. Sit Down Series: CJP