Live notes from the Pat Patterson Tribute Night in Montreal Owner/Webmaster Paul Nemer is live in Montreal for tonight’s RAW taping and passed along the following live notes.

Pat Patterson Tribute Night in Montreal (5/4/15):

* Vince McMahon started off the tribute. He thanks Patterson, introduces Patterson and then has a tribute video played about Patterson’s career.

* Bret Hart was out next. Hart said Patterson had one of the greatest minds in the history of pro wrestling. A Montreal Canadiens jersey with Patterson’s name on it is revealed.

* A video airs of various WWE stars talking about Patterson.

* Triple H and the rest of the WWE roster then come out. Triple H joins Patterson in the ring telling a story about how dedicated Vince McMahon and Patterson were together. He told a funny story about being in the bathroom when both Patterson and McMahon walked in. Triple H said McMahon and Patterson were in the stalls next to each other and McMahon asked Patterson if he had his book on him. Patterson said he did and they proceeded to start talking ideas. Triple H talked about Patterson singing at his wedding and he wanted Patterson to sing now for the audience in Montreal.

* Before Patterson sang, Triple H presented him with an Intercontinental Championship (Patterson was the first ever Intercontinental Champion).

* Patterson closed the night singing “I Did It My Way.”