Tyler Breeze on buzz around NXT, origins of character

Sportingnews.com has a new interview up today conducted by Brian Fritz with NXT star Tyler Breeze, talking about this weekend’s NXT live events in the Northeast and more. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

The buzz surrounding NXT currently:

“It’s so underground. It’s such a cool atmosphere. There’s such a cool feeling to it.We’ve really been branching NXT out so far that everybody is excited about it. The fact that you can feel it. Like, if you come to the shows we’re having in Philadelphia and Albany, the atmosphere is so cool. You can’t capture it on TV. You have to actually be in there and feel it.”

Origins of the Tyler Breeze character:

“We would laugh to ourselves because they would say some pretty funny things and not even know it. ‘I’m going to watch Friday Night Smashdown’; ‘I want to be in a friend team.’ We would laugh our heads off about it and the people would have no clue. It was a funny thing and we thought there might be something to this. Initially, that’s what Tyler Breeze was, almost like someone who saw the wrestling business and thought, ‘That looks easy, I can do that.’ It’s not uncommon, a lot of people have thought that. It’s just grown from there with bits and pieces from everywhere else.”

Sportingnews.com: WWE NXT, Tyler Breeze ready to make a big entrance in Northeast