WWE NXT results 11/13/14

May 13, 2015
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves
, Byron Saxton
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see video highlighting Sami Zayn appearing on RAW last week to answer John Cena’s US Open Challenge in his hometown of Montreal and subsequent shoulder injury suffered in the match. Tonight, Zayn & NXT Champion Kevin Owens meet face-to-face, just one week before their match at TakeOver: Unstoppable for the NXT Title.

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

Solomon Crowe vs. “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin

Crowe charges at Corbin as the bell sounds with a boot and a series of right hands in the corner. Crowe off the ropes, but Corbin TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Corbin throws Crowe repeatedly into the turnbuckles, followed by a knee to the ribs. Corbin drives Crowe to the mat, then presses his foot against Crowe’s head and taunts the crowd. Crowe fights back with a right hand, then slips out of a slam attempt and hits a dropkick. Running knee by Crowe in the corner, followed by an enziguri from the apron.

Crowe springs back in, but Corbin catches him in mid-air with End of Days for the win.

Winner: “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin by pinfall (End of Days)

Corbin celebrates his win afterwards, then the music of Rhyno hits as he makes his way to the ring. The two stare each other down as Rhyno has a mic.

Rhyno: “So, you’re the OTHER unstoppable force everybody’s been talking about. Are we gonna do this or what?”

Rhyno & Corbin begin slugging it out in the ring, with multiple wrestlers and attendants coming out to break it up. Corbin gets free and goes after Rhyno, but then the other wrestlers and attendants pull Corbin from the ring. Rhyno then gets free and hits two GORES on the attendants! Rhyno & Corbin stare each other down again as we go to a promo conducted earlier this week by Byron Saxton with Finn Balor about next week’s #1 Contenders Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable.

Saxton: “Finn, if you win the Triple Threat match-up, who would you rather face for the NXT Championship, Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens?”

Balor: “If I win, first of all. Tyler Breeze, I’m not fooled by Tyler Breeze, I know that he’s a very dangerous guy. Myself and Hideo, well, we’ve been friends for a long time, everybody knows that. But, all that’s gonna be put aside. I will win the Triple Threat Match and I will become #1 Contender. With regards to who I want to face, well you know, Sami Zayn, I consider one of the absolute best in the world. Kevin Owens, myself and Kevin have a lot of history together and its still bothers me that I didn’t walk out NXT Champion the last time we faced. But, it doesn’t matter, whoever wins, all they need to know, is that the demon of Finn Balor, he won’t be far behind.”


Back from commercial, we go to a promo conducted earlier this week by Byron Saxton with Tyler Breeze about next week’s #1 Contenders Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable.

Saxton: “Tyler, if you manage to be successful in the Triple Threat Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable, who would you rather face, Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens?”

Breeze: “First off, IF I’m successful at TakeOver? Uh, I think I, more than anyone else, has proven that it doesn’t matter if you put a, uh, ‘flavor of the month’ like Finn Balor in front of me, or if you put Hideo Itami in front of me, it really doesn’t matter. I’m going to be what I was before and that was #1 Contender and then I’m going to move on and I’m going to face whoever, it really doesn’t matter because I am going to be the NXT Champion and I can bring the NXT Title back to Cuteville where it belongs.”

Before the next match, NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks has a mic.

Sasha: “Just because Becky got lucky last week, does not make her better than me. I am the NXT Women’s Champion. I made you, Becky, I made your name and at NXT TakeOver, I’m going to show every single one of you why I am the Boss of NXT and if don’t believe me, just watch me, ring the bell.”

NXT Women’s Champion “The Boss” Sasha Banks vs. KC Cassidy

Sasha with a knee to the ribs and a back club early. Sasha taunts Cassidy, but Cassidy surprises her with an inside cradle and a backslide for two 1 counts. Cassidy with a series of forearms, but then Sasha rolls outside to regroup. Crowd chants “Let’s go Black Shorts” for Cassidy. Back in, Sasha goes after Cassidy, but misses a clothesline and Cassidy with a crossbody for 2. Sasha takes Cassidy down and unloads with right hands. Sasha drapes Cassidy across the middle rope and hits the double knees to the ribs. Sasha chokes Cassidy in the ropes, then mocks Becky Lynch’s pose in the ropes.

Backstabber into the Bank Statement, Cassidy taps.

Winner: NXT Women’s Champion “The Boss” Sasha Banks by submission (The Bank Statement)

Sasha celebrates her win afterwards.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Charlotte & Bayley about their recent issues with Dana Brooke & Emma.

Charlotte: “Intense words? Yeah, the only one I heard Dana say was jealousy. TapOut chose me and now Dana Brooke is choosing me?”

Bayley: “Hold on, Dana Brooke chose you? Emma chose to take my shirt and take my headband and show me this new side of her and slap me in the face? Well, I have another side of Bayley.”

Charlotte: “Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got a word for you. How ’bout TakeOver?”

Bayley: “TakeOver. On May 20th, Charlotte & I will be there. So, Dana Brooke & Emma, we HOPE that you show up too.”

Charlotte: “WOOOO!!!”

Bayley does her own “Woooo!” and Charlotte just shakes her head.


Back from commercial, we see pretty much the same vignette from last week on the former Uhaa Nation, who’s coming soon to NXT, except we see him meet up with an old friend, Solomon Crowe, inside the Performance Center.

“The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

Carmella with a knee to the ribs, but Bliss blocks a hiptoss, backslide gets 2. Crucifix by Bliss for another 2. Carmella blocks a suplex and hits one of her own. Pride-style knees to the head by Carmella for 2. Body scissors applied as we see NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy make their way down to ringside. Carmella sees this, as she has Bliss in a Lotus Lock. Bliss counters the hold by bridging backward in a pinning predicament for 2. Bliss comes back with a series of forearms, followed by two flying forearms. Carmella runs into a back elbow, then Bliss with a lucha armdrag from out of the corner. Bliss Flip by Bliss for 2. Carmella takes down Bliss and locks in the Inverted Headscissors, but Blake & Murphy hop up on the apron. Carmella breaks the hold and tells off Blake & Murphy. Distraction allows Bliss to nail Carmella from behind.

Bliss heads up top, Sparkle Splash gets the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss by pinfall (The Sparkle Splash)

Bliss celebrates her win afterward, blowing a kiss to Blake & Murphy as she leaves. Blake & Murphy get into the ring with mics as the crowd chants “No Means No.”

Blake: “Carmella, Carmella. Murphy & I have been trying to tell you. Yeah, we have been trying to tell you that when you hang out with two pieces of trash like Enzo & Big Cass, you’re gonna smell like garbage.”

Carmella has a mic now.

Carmella: “Mark my words. Not only are my boys, Big Cass & Enzo, gonna be at TakeOver next week, they’re gonna be walking out the next NXT Tag Team Champions. Oh and uh, by the way, after you two pathetic pigs lose your titles to my boys, there’s only gonna be uh, let me see, one word to describe you’s and I’m gonna SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU, S….A….W….F….T……How you doin’?”

Carmella leaves a confused Blake & Murphy in the ring as we go to a promo conducted earlier this week by Byron Saxton with Hideo Itami about next week’s #1 Contenders Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable.

Saxton: “Hideo, if you win the Triple Threat Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable, who would you rather face, Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens?”

Itami: “Good question. I will beat Tyler Breeze & Finn Balor, then I want to fight Kevin Owens because he is a bad person and he doesn’t have respect for anybody. He doesn’t have respect for the NXT Title and I don’t respect him.”


Back from commercial, Devin Taylor interviews Dana Brooke & Emma about the challenge issued earlier by Charlotte & Bayley for TakeOver: Unstoppable.

Emma: “Well hey, if Bayley wants me to slap more sense into her, I’ll do it. I’ll give her exactly what she wants.”

Brooke: “And Charlotte thinks I’m ‘jelly’ of her, please. She’s gotta realize that I am not jealous of her, I’m actually doing her a favor by letting her know that she’s gonna be passed by.”

Emma: “So, that means we accept.”

Brooke: “See ya at TakeOver.”

Brooke goes to leave, but then remembers to pat Devin on the head before finally leaving.

Adam Rose & “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami & Finn Balor

Rose & Itami start. Rose with a chop in the corner early, but Itami comes back with chops of his own. Balor in, snapmare by Itami, slingshot stomp by Balor for 2. Rose with a back elbow, but Balor with a dropkick. Balor clotheslines Rose to the outside, then Breeze starts to come in, but scurries outside to regroup as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Balor rolls through a Sunset Flip by Rose, basement dropkick gets 2. Balor with a chest kick to Rose in the corner, then avoids a corner charge and hits a chop. Breeze comes in, but Balor nails him with a boot. Balor goes to springboard in, but Rose knocks him off and down to the outside. Breeze tags in and goes after Balor on the outside, sending him off the apron. Back in, legdrop by Breeze gets 2. Breeze stomps away at Balor in the corner. Rose in, snap suplex gets 2. Breeze in, savate kick to the ribs of Balor in the corner. Suplex by Breeze gets another 2. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Balor. Balor fights back, but Breeze drives him into his corner. Rose in, series of uppercuts to Balor. Rose taunts the crowd, gets another 2. Balor fights out of the corner, then Rose runs into double boots. Breeze knocked off the apron, but Rose catches Balor with a spinebuster for another 2. Rose then transitions right into a Boston Crab in the center of the ring. Balor crawls and is able to reach the ropes to force a break, with Rose using all of the ref’s 5 count. Breeze with a dropkick to Balor from the apron, allowing Rose to get another 2. Sleeper locked in by Rose, taking Balor down. Crowd wills Balor on again. Balor counters out with a jawbreaker, then hits the Pele Kick, both men down.

Itami & Breeze get the tags in. Two clotheslines by Itami, followed by a leg sweep. Running high knee in the corner, followed by the Tornado Hot-Shot. Itami heads up top, flying clothesline to Rose. KENTA series to Breeze, sending him into the corner. Itami hits the running corner hestiation dropkick on Breeze, but then Balor tags himself in. Balor & Itami have words, then Balor hits the Slingblade on Rose. Running dropkick by Balor sends Breeze crashing into the turnbuckles. Balor goes to head up top for the Coup de Grace, but now its Itami who tags himself in.

Balor & Itami argue, but it allows Breeze to surprise Itami with an inside cradle for the win.

Winners: Adam Rose & “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Afterwards, Balor & Itami continue to argue, then Breeze nails Itami from behind, sending him into Balor. Supermodel Kick to Itami, then the Beauty Shot by Breeze to Balor. Breeze & Rose celebrate in the ring and raise each other’s hands, but then Breeze lays out Rose with the Supermodel Kick! Breeze stands tall in the ring, then leaves the fallen Balor, Itami & Rose in the ring.

We go to video of exclusive comments from Sami Zayn after last week’s RAW when he faced John Cena in his hometown of Montreal, suffering a shoulder injury during the match.

Zayn: “Uh, I don’t know if this information will be made public or not right away, but you can probably tell either way what happened out there. Just coming out, uh, just getting on the stairs and getting all fired up and moving my arm, I felt something kinda tweak in my shoulder, ‘Uh, what the hell was that, you know?’ And then, uh, literally 30 seconds into that match, you know, he gave me a back suplex and I felt my shoulder…….you know, its never popped out, but I think it may have popped out, popped back in, I really don’t know the extent of the injury yet. Its also fresh, so we’ll find out. Its really hard to fully get my head around everything that happened or really, fully appreciate what happened, but uh, I mean, you know, hometown, you know, friends, family in the crowd, all those people and just being like ‘man, what a response.’ Pretty surreal. I think maybe tonight, when I’m not thinking about this and I’m not thinking about anything else, I’ll be able to take a minute and just really think about what just happened (laughs), you know. Right now, I’m trying to just get my head around it and figuring this thing out and uh, you know, but it was pretty surreal. This was obviously physical, but there’s a mental toughness that needs to come with it and that’s to not let in get in your head and to know that you can still beat Kevin in uh, you know, a title match, when it counts, despite an injury or not, you know what I mean? Cuz if you go out there and go ‘oh god, I’m really hurt, I don’t know about this one’, well, you’re already done, so.”


Back from commercial, the music of Sami Zayn hits as he makes his way to the ring with a mic. Crowd chants for Zayn. Zayn goes to speak, but then the music of NXT Champion Kevin Owens hits as Owens makes his way to the ring, also with a mic. As Zayn begins to speak, we go to a shot of Owens as a post-edited line from Zayn is piped in, recorded recently after Zayn’s shoulder injury.

Zayn: “Hey, hey, hey. We’re not here to fight. Yeah, I hurt my shoulder wrestling John Cena, but make no mistake about it, I’m ready for TakeOver, this match is happening. The time for the mind games and the attacks, OK, that’s behind us right now. Right now, all I want to know, just once and for all, tell me. Tell me right in my face, in front of everybody, tell me once and for all, why? Cuz everything you’re putting out there, everything you’re saying about doing it for your family and providing a better life for your family, like I know that there’s an element of truth to that, but I’m not buying it. So, just tell me, just tell me once and for all, look me in the eye and tell me, why?”

Owens doesn’t say anything.

Zayn: “What is it? What is it, just jealousy, is that it? Is it just simple jealousy, cuz I got here first?”

Owens doesn’t say anything again.

Zayn: “What do you think, like somehow, if I didn’t get here and I didn’t pave the way for us, for guys like us, that maybe you wouldn’t have got here or something? What is it?”

Owens still won’t say anything.

Zayn: “Is it worse than that? Is it more personal than that?”

Owens just looks down.

Zayn: “Wait a minute, is this about your son? (Crowd goes “Ohhhh” for that.) Cuz hey listen, I just thought it was cute, but I don’t know if its a big deal to you or something that he’d rather wear a Sami Zayn shirt to school than a KO shirt? (Big “Ohhhh” from the crowd for that.) What, cuz he runs around the house with like a Sami Zayn wristband, is that all this is about? What is this?”

Owens continues to just look down. Owens goes to speak, but can’t and leaves the ring. Owens starts to go up the rampway.

Zayn: “So that’s it, huh? Even after all this time, you’ve got nothing for me? You got nothing to say?

Owens stops on the top of the rampway and finally speaks, not looking at Zayn.

Owens: “You know what, Sami? Everything you just said is completely irrelevant because I know the truth. After I took the NXT Title from you, you went home and you told everyone that it was because you needed to clear your head, but I know its because you were hurt, I know you’re still hurt, I know I’m the one who hurt you, I know exactly what the injury is and I know how I hurt you and at TakeOver, I’m gonna do it again, but this time, this time you’re not coming back.”

Owens walks off to the back, leaving a worried Zayn in the ring as the show closes.