NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Results – 5/20/15 (Joe debuts)

WWE NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Results 5/20/15

WWE NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Results
May 20, 2015
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package runs hyping the card tonight including Kevin Owens defending the NXT Championship against Sami Zayn in the main event.

We open with women in fur coats walking down a runway holding smartphones. Tyler Breeze is out next to make his entrance.

We hear from Rich Brennan, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton at ringside. They talk about footage of Hideo Itami being attacked outside the Performance Center today. We see a shot of Kevin Owens walking by looking down at Itami adding, “That’s a shame.” As a result, Itami will be out of action tonight due to a torn rotator cuff.

No. 1 Contendership Match for the NXT Championship
Tyler Breeze vs. Finn Balor

Balor with a shoulder block early. Breeze responds with a shoulder block of his own. Breeze with a headlock on Balor to keep things grounded. Balor catches Breeze with a dropkick. Balor with a big chop to Breeze in the corner. Breeze catches Balor with a dropkick over the ring apron and Balor falls to the outside. Breeze with stomps to Balor when he rolls back in. Breeze with a quick swinging neckbreaker. Breeze drops a quick leg and then goes back to the headlock on Balor. Balor tries to fight back up and Breeze drops him back down in the headlock. Balor with a dropkick to the face of a sitting Breeze after rolling through a sunset flip. Balor catches Breeze with a kick and another chop in the corner. Balor with a huge leaping dropkick to Breeze and Breeze bails. Balor with a stomp over the back of Breeze off the ring apron. Balor tosses Breeze back in, Balor goes up top and Breeze rolls away. Balor with another chop to Breeze. Balor catches Breeze with a high knee in the corner. Balor with a jumping clothesline catching Breeze off the ropes. Breeze out of no where with a big superkick that drops Balor. Breeze with a cover and two count. We see Breeze starting to remove the turnbuckle pad in the corner. The referee sees this and backs Breeze off. Breeze with kicks to Balor in the corner. Breeze misses a kick and gets a close two count on a roll up on Balor. Balor with a roll up of his own for two. Breeze catches Balor with the Beauty Shot and Balor barely kicks out. Balor bails. The crowd starts a “YOU’RE NOT COUNTING” chant at the referee. Breeze rolls out and Balor with a jumping punch. Balor climbs to the top of the entrance area. Breeze gets on his feet, Balor jumps and takes out Breeze over the entrance ramp. Loud “NXT” chant starts up. Both men roll back in. Balor with a dropkick sending Breeze flying back to the corner. Balor goes up top and connects with his top rope double stomp. Balor hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and new No. 1 Contender: Finn Balor

Backstage, we see a shot of NXT Champion Kevin Owens watching.

We see Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson (aka “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones) sitting at ringside with Stephanie McMahon.

Video highlights of NXT’s recent tour of the east coast is shown.

Emma & Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte & Bayley

We start with Bayley and Dana Brooke. Lock up and Dana quickly pushes Bayley down. Bayley lifts up Dana, tags in Charlotte, catapults Dana and Charlotte drops her with a big clothesline. Bayley tags herself in as Charlotte holds Dana in a full nelson and Bayley with a quick chop. Tag to Emma. Emma teases a lock up, stops and Bayley pushes her down. Emma bails and Bayley follows. Emma pulls Dana in front of her as a shield. Bayley takes both out with a kick and tosses Emma back in. Bayley with a shot on Dana and then Emma drops her over the corner. Emma works over the neck of Bayley. Emma with a knee and forearms to the back. Tag to Dana sending Bayley to the corner. Dana with kicks. Tag to Emma who works over Bayley with kicks. Quick tags between Dana and Emma. Emma tosses Bayley across the ring and follows with a corner splash. Emma drops Bayley with a big right preventing her from tagging out. Bayley with a quick overhead toss. Tag to Dana. Hot tag to Charlotte. Charlotte with big chops to Dana. Charlotte with a neckbreaker and big kick. Charlotte with a knee to Emma and tosses her out. Dana with a shot to Charlotte and tags in Emma. Charlotte with a double DDT on Emma and Dana. Emma with a top rope flying cross body. Charlotte rolls through and gets the Figure Four applied. Charlotte into a bridge with the Figure Four applied. Bayley with a belly to belly on Dana as it gets broken up. Charlotte with the Natural Selection on Emma, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Charlotte & Bayley

We see video of Sami Zayn tweaking his shoulder on RAW a few weeks ago on RAW against John Cena. Zayn is shown backstage warming up for tonight.

New NXT signees are shown at ringside.

Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin

Lock up and Corbin pushes Rhyno away. Rhyno drops Corbin with a quick shoulder block. Rhyno tosses Corbin out and catches him with a big kick on his return inside. Rhyno clotheslines Corbin over the top rope and goes on the attack. Rhyno tosses Corbin back in and hits some rights. Rhyno is tossed to the outside with force. Corbin with big knees to Rhyno on the outside. Corbin with a big toss to Rhyno in the corner. Rhyno avoids a splash in the corner from Corbin. Corbin tosses Rhyno to the corner and hits some big kicks to the body. Corbin follows with big knees to the body. Corbin with a big right hand to the head of Rhyno over the bottom rope on the outside. Corbon with a headlock. Rhyno fights to his feet. Corbin cuts off a comeback. Both men collide near the corner. Both men are up at 7. Rhyno with rights getting the better of Corbin. Rhyno with a shot in the corner. Corbin with headbutts blocking a belly to belly. Rhyno plants Corbin with a big spinebuster. Rhyno connects with a belly to belly. Rhyno sets up for a Gore. Corbin drops Rhyno with a clothesline when he charges in for the Gore. Corbin connects with his End of Days and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Footage is shown from RAW this past Monday night when NXT Champion Kevin Owens attacked WWE United States Champion John Cena. Owens faces Cena at Elimination Chamber. Backstage, we see Owens warming up and talks about shocking the world by showing up on RAW. He takes credit for injuring Zayn, not Cena. Owens said tonight will be the culmination of a great week for him. He suggests Zayn not show up tonight.

NXT Tag Team Championships Match
Blake & Murphy (c’s) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady w/ Carmella

We start with Blake and Enzo Amore. Lock up and Amore side steps Blake. Enzo with a powerful cross body off the ropes on Blake. Enzo follows with a huge dropkick. Colin Cassady and Murphy get the tag. Murphy with a huge chop on Cassady. Cassady eats another chop and tosses Murphy into the corner. Cassady with a big right that drops Murphy. Enzo tags himself in and splashes Murphy. Enzo with a flying cross body over Murphy. Enzo with a shot to Blake on the ring apron. Murphy drops Enzo with a big clothesline over the ring apron. Blake works over Enzo on the mat. Tag to Murphy keeping Enzo near the corner. Murphy with a headlock on Enzo. Murphy with shots to Enzo in the corner. Murphy hits the steel ring post when Enzo moves. Tag to Blake who prevents Enzo from tagging out. Blake with an abdominal stretch on Enzo. Enzo with an elbow as Murphy gets the tag, knocks Cassady off the ring apron and both Blake and Murphy double team knee drop Enzo resulting in a close two count. Enzo with a top rope flying DDT on Murphy. Tags to Blake and Cassady. Cassady cleans house. Cassady with a splash and big boot on Blake and Murphy. Cassady big boots Murphy off the ring apron. Cassady with a jumping elbow over Blake for a two count. Cassady with a side slam on Murphy. Tag to Enzo. Cassady helps Enzo up to the top turnbuckle. Alexa Bliss attacks Carmella at ringside. Cassady gets in her face. Murphy with a superkick to Cassady. Bliss trips up Enzo on the top turnbuckle. Blake covers Enzo for the win.

Winners and still NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake & Murphy

After the match, Blake and Murphy celebrate with the NXT Tag Team Championship and hold up Alexa Bliss in the entrance area in victory.

We see a shot of Eva Marie at ringside.

A video package runs hyping Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch tonight.

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Sasha Banks (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Lock up and Sasha Banks pushes Becky Lynch to the corner quickly. Lynch trips up Banks early. Series of roll up attempts by both. Banks drops Lynch down over her head. Lynch trips up Banks again face first and goes for an armbar. Banks breaks free and quickly rolls away. Banks catches Lynch with a big elbow in the corner. Lynch with a springboard kick to the face. Banks drives Lynch face first over the ring apron by her arm! Banks wraps Lynch up in the ropes and works over the left arm. Banks keeps Lynch grounded. Banks drives her knees into the back of Lynch and hangs on pulling back on her arms. Banks turns Lynch over and drives her into the mat still pulling back on her arms. Banks drops her knee over the left arm of Lynch in the corner. Banks continues to work over the left arm of Lynch and applies tons of pressure standing over it. Banks with a modified armbar on Lynch pulling the left arm of Lynch. Lynch rolls through Banks working over her left arm. Banks rolls right back into applying pressure on the arm. Lynch lifts Banks up and drops her down. Lynch with a comeback. Lynch sends Banks face first into the corner. Lynch is up top and takes out Banks with a big dropkick. Banks with a double knee splash to Lynch in the corner and then follows with another double knees shot to the body. Banks and Lynch exchange shots. Lynch tosses Banks out. Lynch pulls Banks by the arm into the steel ring post as the referee counts. Lynch tosses Banks in at 7. Lynch with a suplex toss on Banks. Lynch drops a leg over the left arm of Banks. Lynch with an overhead suplex. Lynch counters a suplex attempt by Banks and gets the armbar applied. Banks gets to the bottom rope. Banks with a suicide dive to Lynch on the outside. Lynch catches Banks and drives her back first into the steel ring steps. Lynch tosses Banks back in. Lynch goes up to the top. Banks pulls Lynch off the top and drives her arm into her knee. Banks applies The Bank Statement. Lynch taps.

Winner and still NXT Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

After the match, we see a shot of Sasha Banks holding up the NXT Women’s Championship. A banged up Becky Lynch is just starting to recover as she receives a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance at Full Sail University.

A video package runs hyping Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn tonight.

NXT Championship Match
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn

Owens is wearing a John Cena shirt tonight.

The bell rings and here we go. Owens immediately bails. A loud “JOHN CENA SUCKS” chant starts up. Zayn bails and attacks Owens at ringside. Owens with chops. Zayn with rights. They return to the ring with Owens hitting rights in the corner. Zayn clotheslines Owens over the top rope. Zayn with a back body drop to the floor on Owens. Zayn with tons of rights to Owens backing him up the steel ring steps. Back in the ring, Zayn trips up Owens, pulls him out and tosses him into the steel steps. Zayn tosses Owens into the other steps. Zayn with a huge right sending Owens over the ring barricade into the crowd. Zayn jumps over the barricade and they brawl into the audience. Owens has Zayn up for a powerbomb. Zayn holds onto the rafters to prevent the powerbomb. Zayn back body drops Owens over the ring barricade back to the ringside area floor. Zayn with the Blue Thunder Bomb back inside the ring for a two count. Owens with elbows to Zayn. Zayn with a reverse overhead belly to belly suplex for another two count. Zayn with a huge chop to Owens. Owens counters a springboard DDT attempt by Zayn. Owens misses his corner Cannonball when Zayn moves. Zayn overhead suplexes Owens into the corner. Owens avoids a running boot in the corner by rolling out. Zayn with another overhead suplex to Owens on the floor. Owens with his Pop Up Powerbomb to Zayn over the ring apron! Two WWE referees check on Zayn at ringside as Owens rolls back inside the ring. Owens tries to attack Zayn and a third WWE referee gets involved to back him off. Owens mounts Zayn and drops right hands. Owens with stomps as referees back him off. The crowd starts a “LET THEM FIGHT” chant. Owens again with more stomping to Zayn. Owens with another shot to the head of Zayn as referees try to keep Owens back. Zayn is being sat up when Owens grabs him and throws big rights. Owens with boots to the defenseless Zayn. Owens tosses Zayn over the ring apron, gets inside the ring, pulls him the ring by his head and the referees swarm around Owens. Owens picks up Zayn as William Regal jumps in getting in his face. Owens starts to back off as Regal gets in his face. Owens goes after Zayn when Regal pulls back the face of Owens. Owens drops Regal. Owens grabs a steel chair and cracks it over the body of Zayn.

Music hits. Samoa Joe has entered the building! Joe enters the ring and has a stare down with Owens. Owens grabs his title and heads to the back yelling, “This is my house!”

We see a replay of the Pop Up Powerbomb by Owens on Zayn. Back live, the crowd starts a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant as Joe remains in the ring. Owens walks back out with the title in hand as Joe gets ready to fight. Owens tosses the title down, teases he is going to hit the ring, grabs his title and backs off saying, “Not tonight. I did what I had to do.”

Winner: No Contest, Kevin Owens retains the NXT Championship

NXT goes off the air with Owens and Joe staring each other down.

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